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Lingo list

Video editors use certain terminology to describe camera moves and editing techniques. Know these commonly used terms so you can speak their language:

  • B-ROLL: secondary footage to be displayed during interviews

  • DIGITIZE: to capture video from tape on a computer

  • DISSOLVE: a smooth transition between two video clips

  • DVD AUTHORING: the process of composing a DVD that usually includes compiling encoded media files and creating an interactive menu with buttons to play video

  • EXPORT: to transfer video from editing software to a digital file or to tape

  • FADE (IN OR OUT): a smooth transition between a video clip and black (or another color)

  • NLE: a nonlinear editing system, in which sound and/or image is digitized and edited with the ability to cut, paste, insert, and delete material

  • PAN: to move the camera horizontally

  • SUPERIMPOSE: to place an image, video, or title over a video clip

  • TILT: to move the camera vertically

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