Wiedemann & Wysocki Award

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Wiedemann & Wysocki Award 

The Wiedemann Wysocki Award is named in honor of Fritz Wiedemann and James Anthony Wysocki, two New Orleans-based attorneys and active American Association for Justice members who sadly were taken from us in a tragic plane crash. This award recognizes members who have carried on the legacy of Fritz Wiedemann and James Wysocki, who demonstrated a deep commitment to the highest standards and who were passionately committed to the principles of the civil justice system and AAJ's Mission. When called upon, these individuals demonstrated extraordinary leadership among the AAJ Board of Governors and contributed to an overwhelming and unprecedented success during a time of great challenge.

This award is presented during the M Club Luncheon at the AAJ Annual Convention.

2014 Winners:

Scott R. Bickford
Navan Ward Jr.
Michael L. Slack
Bill Robins
Michael S. Burg
Michael A. London
Daniel S. Robinson
Patrick A. Salvi
Paul J. Scoptur
Stephen J. Herman


Past Recipients


Elise R. Sanguinetti
Marianne C. LeBlanc
Anthony Tarricone
Maria S. Diamond
Vicki R. Slater
E. Drew Britcher
Bruce H. Stern
Charles S. Siegel
Lauren Barnes
Lori E. Andrus
Jennie Lee Anderson
Nathan David Finch
Andrew E. Bederman
Edward H. Zebersky
R. Clay Milling
Wayne D. Parsons
Maria B. Glorioso
Samuel W. Lanham, Jr. 


Lori Andrus
Lauren Barnes
Karen Koehler
Jim Leventhal
Adam Malone
Karen Barth Menzies
Jerry O’Neill
Curtis Osborne
Chris Placitella
Sandra Robinson
Bruce Stern
Rob Sachs
Kirk Wagar
Michael Warshauer
Chuck Zauzig

Lori E. Andrus
John P. Feroleto
Brian P. Galligan
Stephen J. Herman
Marianne C. LeBlanc
Christopher T. Nace
Paul J. Scoptur
Donald H. Slavik
Christine Spagnoli
Marcus L. Stevenson

Morgan G. Adams
Lori E. Andrus
Kathryn R. Bayless
David R. Bossart
Beverly L. Bove
Kathleen L. Brandt
Wade E. Byrd Peter Carter
Robert E. Cartwright  Jr.
Kathryn H. Clarke
David R. Cohen
Gregory S. Cusimano
Alexa B. D'Amato
Mark S. Davis
Thomas A. Dickson
Ingrid M. Evans
Yvonne M. Flaherty
Herbert  J. Friedman
O. Fayrell Furr Jr.
William R. Garmer
Robert L. Jaskulski Gordon
S. Johnson Jr.
Daniel G. Kagan
Rebecca McRae Langston
J. Burton LeBlanc IV
Patrick H. LePley
Jim Leventhal
Randi McGinn
Brian J. McKeen
Chris A. Milne
Ron Morgan
Simon Morrison
Mel C. Orchard III
Jeffrey M. Padwa
David John Pettinato
Bruce Martin Plaxen
Mary Beth Ramey
Patrick M. Regan
John L. Riccolo
Lee J. Rohn
David A. Rosen
Robert L. Sachs Jr.
Frederick Schenk
Douglas K. Sheff
Stephen L. Simonton
Donald H. Slavik
Southern Trial Lawyers Association
Larry A. Tawwater
David Raymond F. Wagner
Thomas R. Watson
Finis E. Williams III

Rebecca McRae Langston
Gerald J. Diaz
Michael Warshauer

John Eddie Williams
Debbie Branson
Maria Diamond
Rob Jenner
Jeff Boyd
Mark Kitrick
O. Fayrell Furr, Jr.
Sheldon Miller

Jeremy Alters
Donald Beskind
E. Drew Britcher
Bob Brown
Russell Budd
John Feroleto
Lee Goldsmith
Richard Golomb
Peter Hinton
J. Burton LeBlanc
Laird Ozmon
David Perry
Elise Sanguinetti
Sol Weiss

Joseph Awad    
James Bartimus               
Miriam Bourdette
Julie Braman                     
O. Fayrell Furr
James Gotz                                        
Kane Marianne LeBlanc
William Levin
Mary Alice McLarty                        
Trent Miracle                                                    
Michael Withey

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