Distinguished Service Award

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Distinguished Service Award 

The Distinguished ervice Award recipients are honored for going above and beyond their commitment to the principles of the civil justice system and AAJ's mission. Through their leadership, these recipients were critical in membership recruitment, fundraising, and issue advocacy.

This award is presented during the Board of Governors Meeting at the AAJ Annual Convention.

The American Association for Justice proudly presents the 2013 Winners:

Christopher T. Nace
Michael J. Warshauer
Lawrence L. Jones II
Thomas D’Amore
Jerome F. O’Neill
Tobias L. Millrood
D. Mitchell Garrett
Mark Kitrick
Shawn F. Khorrami

Past Recipients

2012: Sean Domnick, Maria Diamond, Jackie Olinger, Navan Ward, Marcus Stevenson, Leslie Nixon, Rod Gregory, Leah Guerny

2011: Elise Sanguinetti, Tobi Millrood, Adam Malone, Julie Kane, Drew Britcher, Rob Sachs, Todd O’Malley, Randi McGinn, Staci Yandle

2010: Michael J. Angelides, Jack B. Baldwin, Leo V. Boyle, E. Drew Britcher, Stewart M. Casper, John D. Cooney, Maria S. Diamond, Simona A. Farrise, Matthew Gaier, William A. Gaylord, James E. Girards, Maria B. Glorioso, Robert L. Habush, Wayne Hogan, Allan Kanner, Steven Kazan, Marianne C., Leblanc, Arnold Levin, Mary Alice McLarty, R. Clay Milling, Tobi L. Millrood, Barry J. Nace, Christopher T. Nace, Gary M. Paul, Nelson J. Roach, Elise R. Sanguinetti, Todd A. Smith, James G. Sokolove, Christine Spagnoli, Bruce H. Stern, C.Gibson Vance, Frank Verderame, Perry Weitz, Rhonda Hill Wilson, Staci M. Yandle

2009: Richard Lawrence, Laird Ozmon, Mary Alice McLarty, Mary Beth Ramey, Larry Tawwater, Rhonda Hill Wilson, Russell Budd

2008: Don Beskind, Rhonda Hill Wilson, Mary Alice McLarty, Larry Tawwater

2007: Mary Alexander, Fred Baron, Wayne Hogan

2006: Gary Paul, Richard Golomb, Staci Yandle

2005: Ralph Cloar, Wilbur Colom, Richard Golomb, Julie Braman Kane, Jim Parkinson, Kirk Wagar

2004: Stephan Peskin, Drew Britcher, John Bailey, Gary L. Bigg

2003: Leo Boyle


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