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Group Insurance 

With so much at stake in your personal and professional life, the benefit programs available to you include some of the most important decisions you will ever make. These decisions will help you protect your future, and the future of your family. AAJ Insurance will give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your benefits.

Supported by our full-service delivery platform, award-winning customer service, and best-in-class product offerings we provide choice and convenience to consumers worldwide. We offer users a comprehensive set of services that support all our product offerings, including decision support tools, multi-channel enrollment/application acceptance, and payroll deduction. 

Mercer Consumer, a service of Mercer Health and Benefits LLC   


For more information about any of the following insurance plans, please call Mercer Consumer, a service of Mercer Health and Benefits Administration LLC, the AAJ Insurance Administrator, at 800-482-2852. Members can visit the AAJ Insurance Program Web site.

Please Note: Not all plans are available in all states.

Group Term Life Plan: You certainly understand the importance of having sufficient life insurance. Now, you have the opportunity to make sure you have that protection. Your loved ones will appreciate the assurance this Plan can help provide, with benefits that will help let them go on with less of a financial concern.

High Limit Accident Plan: Protect your family from financial hardship in the event of a serious accident. An AD&D policy provides a large, one-time payment in the event of death or certain covered injuries.

Disability Income Plan: A disabling sickness or injury can happen in the blink of an eye, forcing you to stop working and earning an income. When you can’t work, disability insurance goes to work for you. Let us help protect you and your family against the severe financial stresses that may accompany a disability.

Office Overhead Expense Plan: Overhead expenses don’t stop just because you become disabled. This plan lets you cover the ongoing operating expense of your practice. Ensure that you do not have to use personal

Cancer Expense Plan: Fighting cancer can be a lengthy battle, as can paying for its treatments. Advances in treatment mean rising health care costs and supplemental insurance may be necessary to afford the best care. The AAJ Cancer Expense Plan can help alleviate the costs.

Long Term Care Plan: Our plan allows you to take control and be prepared in case you need it. This coverage allows you to retain your independence and preserve your quality of life without burdening your family and friends. The plan protects your assets and savings, lets you stay at home as long as possible and maintains flexibility in your care options.

Health Insurance Mart: Our one-of-a-kind Health Insurance program is an online source of health insurance for individuals and families. This program not only offers quality coverage choices to members, but it is customer-focused and driven—ensuring that your members have the proper information and professional advice to help them make the best decision for themselves and their families.

Medicare Supplement: If Medicare doesn’t pay all of your medical expenses and your finances are in jeopardy due to a prolonged injury or illness, supplemental insurance can help keep your investments safe. The AAJ Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan is designed to cover most expenses not covered by Medicare.

Small Employer Group Medical Plan: Comprehensive medical coverage available for small employers (2–50 employees) at competitive rates. Choose what your company needs—Major Medical, Dental, Disability Income and Term Life plans. 

Discount Prescription Plan: Save an average of 20 percent on prescription drugs not covered by insurance and as much as 50 percent on select generic medication when ordering by mail.

Dental Plan: Save money every time you visit the dentist. Through the AAJ Discount Dental Plan, receive excellent coverage and discounted dental services for yourself and your family with access to a network of over 6,000 dental professionals.

Catastrophic Disability Income Plan: If you need added financial reassurance after a severe disability strikes, AAJ’s plan can supplement a disability income plan by providing replacement language for up to 100% of your pre-disability income.

Gateway International Accident and Medical Insurance Plan: When traveling abroad, you still need protection if a health crisis. Gateway Plans help when existing coverage is limited, offering combined insurance and services for accidents and medical emergencies.

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