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CLE State Requirements - Credit Reporting

Submit your CLE credits to AAJ by filling out your Certificate of Attendance and Worksheet, which are included in your on-site registration packet (Note: Some states also require a scan card). You may submit these forms at the program, by mail, fax, or online at AAJ staff will file the credits with those states that allow the provider to file.

Reporting CLE Online

Members can now access their NCA transcript through MyAAJ at Log in using your user name and password. (Note: If you have not already created a login, all you will need is your state bar admission date and AAJ ID number). On this page you may:

  • View all past programs attended and total credits earned,
  • Submit CLE credits online, and
  • View your Achievement Recognition Program and Advanced Studies in Trial Advocacy (ASTA) status.

Please Note: AAJ is currently in the process of transitioning to a new database system. As a result, your CLE transcript that you are able to view on your portal may not reflect our current records. We hope to have all online transcripts up to date by September 2012. If you would like to view a current version of your transcript please contact the Education Department at (202) 965-3500 ext. 8612 or at

What Do I Do if CLE Credits Are Not Showing Up on My State Report?

A common cause of missing credits at the state level is an incorrect (or missing) state bar number on the Certificate of Attendance. Please confirm that your state bar number is correct through AAJ Education. Any changes should be e-mailed to

Attendees may submit credits for programs attended within the last three years; however, a late fee of $20 will be assessed for each Certificate of Attendance submitted more than 90 days post program. If you have an outstanding balance, your CLE credits will not be processed.

Some state bars require attorneys themselves to report their credits, whereas in other states CLE is not mandatory. See below for a list of self-reporting states and states that do not require CLE. AAJ Education cannot report CLE credit on your behalf to these states.

If you are interested in securing CLE credit from an AAJ Education Teleseminar, check with your state bar for compliance requirements.

Scan Card Requirements

  • Ohio is the only state which still requires a Scan Card; the Ohio CLE will not accept any other form of submission. Ohio attorneys CANNOT receive CLE credit unless they have filled out a scan card.
  • Kentucky and Louisiana now accept a copy of the Certificate of Attendance in lieu of scan card; however, scan cards still remain the preferred method of reporting.
  • Texas credits are now reported online, so scan cards are no longer necessary for us to process those credits.
  • Florida is now a self-reporting state and no long accepts scan cards.

Please contact AAJ Education with any questions or concerns. E-mail your questions to or call
(800) 622-1791 or (202) 965-3500, ext. 612.

AAJ Education fax number: (202) 625-7084

State CLE Information

MCLE States Phone Numbers Credit Hr*
Alabama (334) 269-1515 (60)
Arizona (602) 340-7327 (60)
Arkansas (501) 374-1855 (60)
California (415) 538-2126 (60)
Colorado (303) 866-6500 (50)
Delaware (302) 577-7040 (60)
Florida (850) 561-5842 (50)
Georgia (404) 527-8710 (60)
Idaho (208) 334-4500 (60)
Illinois (312) 924-2420 (60)
Indiana (317) 232-1943 (60)
Iowa (515) 725-8029 (60)
Kentucky (502) 564-3795 (60)
Louisiana (504) 828-1414 (60)
Maine (207) 623-1121 (60)
Minnesota (651) 297-7100 (60)
Mississippi (601) 354-6056 (60)
Missouri (573) 638-2231 (50)
Montana (406) 442-7660 (60)
Nevada (775) 329-4443 (60)
New Mexico (505) 821-1980 (60)
New Hampshire (603) 224-6942 (60)
New York (212) 428-2105 (50)
North Carolina (919) 733-0123 (60)
North Dakota (701) 255-1404 (60)
Ohio (614) 387-9325 (60)
Oklahoma (405) 416-7009 (50)
Oregon (503) 620-0222 (60)
Pennsylvania (717) 795-2139 (60)
Rhode Island (401) 222-4942 (50)
South Carolina (803) 799-5578 (60)
Tennessee (615) 741-3096 (60)
Texas (512) 427-1806 (60)
Utah (801) 531-9095 (60)
Vermont (802) 828-3281 (60)
Virginia (804) 775-0577 (60)
Washington (206) 733-5912 (60)
West Virginia (304) 558-7992 (50)
Wisconsin (608) 266-9760 (50)
Wyoming 307-632-9061 (60)

*Some states calculate their credits based on a 50-minute hour as opposed to a 60-minute hour.

Note: As of January 1, 2006, New Mexico calculates New Mexico licensed attorney credits based on a 60-minute hour.

CLE Not Mandatory:

Self-Reporting States:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Wyoming Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, South Dakota, Washington, DC

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