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Practical Advice and Examples
Litigation Packets

These unique legal resources are available exclusively to AAJ trial lawyers and provide materials that help you to streamline and improve your case preparation. Download a Litigation Packet today and take advantage of the examples shared by top trial lawyers from around the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a Litigation Packet?

Each Litigation Packet is unique and tailored to the nuisances of the topic. Litigation Packets commonly include:

  • Sample court documents like complaints, discovery requests, motions, and briefs
  • Deposition outlines and transcripts
  • Product, defendant, or expert research
  • Summaries and highlights of important case law and regulations to consider
  • Articles and CLE papers written by top trial lawyers and experts

AAJ's staff attorneys work with leading trial lawyers from around the country to identify the best example and critical issues to highlight in each packet. For additional details on the specifics of a Litigation Packet, AAJ members can log in and download the table of contents from each Litigation Packet's page.

How do I access my purchase?

Litigation Packet are available for download immediately after purchase. The download link is on the Thank You screen after you checkout and members can also access past purchases on their Member Dashboard (login required).

What if the Litigation Packet is updated after I purchase it?

Beginning in 2022, purchasers will have access to the most recent edition of a Litigation Packet for three years following the date of their purchase. You can download the most up-to-date version of a Litigation Packet on your member dashboard. After three years, your access to the Litigation Packet ends, and you will need to repurchase a Litigation Packet to continue to have online access to the resource. AAJ encourages members to save a copy of the file to their local network within three years of purchase.

Please note, prior to 2022 purchasers had complimentary access to an update released up to 30 days post purchase and could purchase the update at a reduced price for 12 months. Beginning in February 2022, all purchasers will have access to download a Litigation Packet for three years from their original date of purchase. No refund or credit is available for updates purchased prior to February 2022. 

Other Details

Litigation Packets include protected attorney work product. Litigation Packets can only be purchased by Regular, Sustaining, Life, or President’s Club member of AAJ for the sole and exclusive purpose of assisting clients of their law firm in the prosecution of the clients’ cases. During the checkout process, a purchaser must agree to the terms and conditions to complete the transaction. If you are not yet and AAJ member, you can join today.

Return Policy: Litigation Packet purchases are non-refundable. If you purchases the incorrect Litigation Packet or inadvertently purchased the same time multiple times, please contact the Exchange at for assistance.

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