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Annual Firm Billing

25% of AAJ Members have already taken advantage of this time-saver.

What is Annual Firm Billing?

Annual Firm Billing, or AFB for short, is AAJ’s consolidated billing program. Instead of sending renewal invoices and reminders to each attorney throughout the year, your whole office will be consolidated into one easy, annual invoice and have a synchronized renewal date. Trust us, your bookkeeper will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my office enroll in Annual Firm Billing?

Annual Firm Billing streamlines your renewal process, saving you AND your staff time.

Instead of handling individual memberships throughout the year, AAJ will send one membership renewal for all members of your firm. Your bookkeeper or firm administrator can renew everyone all at once and make sure no staff members inadvertently lose access to their AAJ benefits.

Are there any restrictions?

To participate in Annual Firm Billing, your office must have at least four AAJ members. Individuals can join AAJ here.

How do the billing cycles work?

For the first year in the program, your invoice will be prorated based on where each individual is in their membership cycle. You will receive credit for any dues already paid, the proration allows everyone's expiration date to be synched.

In subsequent years, AFB invoices will be sent to the primary contact at the beginning of the month that the firm expires. Your firm will be credited for existing memberships when we align everyone’s expiration date.

Can we update or change the members in our firm after we enroll?

Of course! As your firm grows, let AAJ know. We can add new members to your firm's account throughout the year. Your firm will be credited for any prepaid membership dues when the individual's expiration date is aligned with everyone else at the firm. If an attorney departs or retires or you have other staff changes, contact AAJ so we can update your invoice for the next billing cycle.

I have a few more questions. Who should I contact?

AAJ staff is always there to answer questions about AAJ membership and annual firm billing. Email us at annualfirmbilling@justice.org or give us a call at 800-424-2727.