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An initiative to encourage, recognize, and organize trial lawyers who contribute to their communities through volunteer and charitable activities that serve the public good.

Giving Back Every Day

Our lawyers give back by providing food and clothing for vulnerable families; promoting safe driving to students; establishing scholarships and charitable foundations; building affordable housing; helping after disasters, and more.

Jon Perry

Jon R. Perry

Rosen & Perry, P.C. Pittsburgh, PA
2023 Trial Lawyers Care Award Winner

When Jon Perry’s toddler son was admitted to hospital for cancer treatment, he noticed many other children in the oncology wing were alone and frightened. Jon and his wife, Joni, felt lucky to be able to take time off work and stay with their son during his chemotherapy treatment. Many parents do not have this luxury. After their son’s discharge in 2000, the Perrys formed “Pennies From Heaven” to provide the means for other parents to stay with their hospitalized children. Donations range from overnight toiletry bags and brown bag lunches to monetary assistance for lost wages for parents who lack sick and vacation days and are not covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act. The nonprofit also helps with transportation costs, mortgage payments, sibling care, and more. The Perrys formed their own 501(c)(3), which has raised over $3 million and made donations to over 900,000 families. The Perrys pride themselves on the fact the “every penny donated goes to a family in need.”

Recent Member Stories

A Duty to Help

GDH Law is now in its second year of supporting the efforts of the Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ) to serve the local community. The focus of that support is on Progress Place, which offers temporary and transitional housing for the unhoused. Additionally, Progress Place works with MAJ to provide clothing and resume writing services for residents.

“Helping those in urgent need is at the core of this work. At GDH Law, we feel a duty to provide support to those who find themselves in difficult and often devastating situations,” said Gwen-Marie Davis Hicks, Managing Attorney at GDH Law.

An added benefit of working with the MAJ is the opportunity to work with members of MAJ’s Minority Caucus and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to support their work with other local specialty bar associations.

These associations include the Alliance of Black Women Attorneys, the Asian Pacific American Bar Association, the Haitian American Lawyers Association, the Hispanic Bar Association and the South Asian Bar Association. MAJ and these groups conduct a quarterly legal clinic at Progress Place.

“As well as providing this critical community service, we developed strong relationships with these specialty bars, which has led to increased recruitment of diverse members of AAJ and MAJ,” said Gwen-Marie.

Gwen-Marie has been instrumental in reviving the Minority Caucus of MAJ, along with Petra Aaron, a Senior Attorney at GDH LAW, who was a co-chair of the Minority Caucus, and caucus co-chair Renee Boston. Ms. Aaron is now a co-chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of MAJ alongside co-chair Divya Potdar. Together, these women have prioritized promoting diversity amongst the membership of MAJ and serving the community.


Doing More

AAJ Member Mike Henry recently established an Entrance Scholarship at the University of Ottawa Law School in honor of his parents Janine and Charles Henry, who made it possible for Mike to go to law school. Mike believes that encouraging higher education for young people is critical to the success of our collective future. 


More equal access to this education is necessary and can only happen, in part, by helping those with less financial resources,” he said.

I was very fortunate in my upbringing. That is not to say that my parents didn’t have challenges. Through their hard work and love for each other, they provided me with advantages I otherwise would not have had.

For years, he felt that his hard work alone was responsible for his success, but recent challenging times caused a shift.


I’ve have had an opportunity to look within and realized that I did have advantages that others didn’t have,” said Mike. “It left me with a feeling that I should do more.


“More” for him meant establishing the scholarship at his law school alma mater.


It is a true blessing to have the opportunity to help students become everything they can and achieve excellence in education, said Mike. 

A Humanitarian Crisis

In December 2023, Chicago-based Zneimer & Zneimer joined dedicated volunteers to help newly arrived migrants (mainly from Venezuela) in Chicago. Thousands needed urgent help. Some took refuge in police stations; others braved the unforgiving chill in tents or out on cardboard. Volunteers met the crisis with determination, helping to provide essential items.


The firm asked colleagues at the American Association for Justice, the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association to help and offered their law firm as a shipping destination. The firm received and distributed 30 sleeping bags, 900 mylar blankets, 50 pairs of gloves, 50 hats, 100 sets of underwear for men and women, and 20 puffer jackets.


The City of Chicago has now opened several shelters to accommodate the migrants. The migrants receive three meals a day and some other services, but they must find permanent housing within 60 days. To assist, they receive three-month rental vouchers; however, due to a lack of work authorization, many return to seek shelter after three months. There is a push to file Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and asylum as predicate for work authorization, but there are not enough attorneys to handle that many people. There are some outreach programs, but not everyone qualifies for TPS, and even fewer people qualify for asylum.


Overcrowding and diseases are common in the shelters. In December, five-year-old Jean Carlos Martinez died from sepsis caused by strep throat, a preventable condition with timely medical care.


Housing remains a critical issue, exacerbated by the high cost and scarcity of affordable rentals and the reluctance of landlords to rent without conducting credit checks. Volunteers are contacting landlords, urging them to accept the three-month vouchers.


“It is quite common to see migrants selling candies, begging with their young children, or holding signs seeking employment. This dire situation clearly represents a humanitarian crisis,” said partner, Sofia Zneimer.


Volunteers have formed a Facebook-based network named ChiWelcome for individuals in shelters. This platform provides information on how to help, including links to volunteer-run free stores, Amazon wish lists, and other resources.


We urge people to help in any way possible.

Focused on Distraction

A photo of a man standing on an auditorium stage speaking to room of school age children who are seated and looking at the stage

In 2009, Casey Feldman was tragically killed by a distracted driver at the age of 21. After her funeral, many young women said to Casey’s parents, “That was my best friend.” Casey’s father, Joel Feldman, is a trial lawyer and AAJ member. When Casey died, Joel reduced his workload and started an amazing organization to End Distracted Driving (EndDD).


“EndDD has worked with trial lawyers to give presentations at school assemblies on distracted driving. I immediately fell in love with the organization because I knew it would work. Young people today, while indeed the most affected group by distracted driving, are also the most empathetic generation of young people our society has ever seen,” said trial lawyer, Travis Patterson.

Since joining forces with EndDD, Travis has received amazing feedback – after seeing the presentation, 92% of participants said they were less likely to drive distracted and more likely to speak up when others drive distracted.


When asked why, a resounding majority reported that they are mostly concerned with the effect their distracted driving could have on others (i.e. “I don’t want my mom to go through losing me” or “I don’t want to hurt someone”). Their empathy provides a chance to save lives.


“Mr. Feldman and his team did a remarkable job creating these presentations, which are undoubtedly saving lives across the country. I am blessed to be able to work with high school students in Texas and help curb this epidemic of distracted driving,” said Travis.


To learn more about Travis’ firm’s efforts in Texas or request a presentation, visit this webpage.

AAJ Winter Convention Service Project

A group of men and women posed for a photo and looking at the camera.


Thank you to everyone who volunteered for the AAJ caucus and TLC convention service project at the Central Texas Food Bank, the largest hunger-relief charity in Central Texas. The organization works with food donors, financial supporters, and volunteers to fill unmet needs in Central Texas. Last year alone, the charity provided 54 million meals to their community.

AAJ members worked on an assembly line at the food bank to fill boxes of food for seniors who receive a monthly box of food through a federally funded program supporting around 4,000 Texas seniors. It was a productive day’s work – 718 boxes of food totaling 18,200 meals! Thanks again to the AAJ members who participated!

Miracle on 34th Street

Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities (LATLC) hosted their 8th holiday giving event – Comfort & Joy – on December 9. For the third year, LATLC partnered with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Newton Division, Los Angeles Fire Department, and local community organizations to select 500 low-income families in South Central Los Angeles. Each family received bags of groceries and household items. More than 2,300 toys were given to the children as they visited with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, wrote personal wishes on holiday hearts, and played with farm animals in the petting zoo.


“Thanks to the many law firms and vendors who support LATLC throughout the year. It was our biggest holiday event,” said 2023 LATLC President Karina N. Lallande.


This year, LATLC expanded the number and type of items that they traditionally provide. With record financial contributions from attorneys and supporters, LATLC raised and provided nearly $40,000 in groceries, activities, and toys for this incredible event. Target and Mattel also donated nearly 1,000 toys.


More than 100 volunteers transformed the parking lot at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, located at 34th and South Central Avenue into a winter wonderland. Lallande added, “This really was a Miracle on 34th Street.”


Bringing Joy in the Holidays

A man and a woman standing side by side in a parking lot smiling at the camera. They are surrounded by 3 rolling tubs filled with toys and a moving truck is behind them.Alabama-based Hodges Trial Lawyers has organized a toy drive every year since 2013. Each year, the firm has worked to make it bigger. The toy drive directly benefits Kids To Love, an organization based in Huntsville that serves foster children across North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. 


The firm has held an annual CLE to support the toy drive since 2017. The CLE was a hit, and the lawyers who attended the toy drive went above and beyond. This year, the firm added a Toy Drive Finale Party for lawyers and non-lawyers. The attendees wrote generous checks and brought wonderful toys and gift cards for teenagers in foster care.


“We encourage donors to buy like they were buying for their own children. This year, they really stepped up to the plate. We filled several wish lists, including a beautiful violin for a budding musician. We could not do it without our friends, fellow lawyers, and clients that donate. This year was our best year yet. We had so many toys, bicycles, and electronics that we had to rent a box truck to deliver them all. We are already planning for next year,” said firm principal Jeremiah Hodges.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

Thomas Law Offices recently sponsored the 2023 Bark in the Park 5k at Seneca Park in Louisville, KY, which was organized by the Animal Care Society. This nonprofit is Louisville’s first No-Kill shelter whose purpose is to find new, safe, and loving homes for adoptable dogs and cats. There were more than 375 participants in the race and hundreds of festival attendees, making the race one of the most successful events they’ve hosted.  Over the years, Thomas Law Offices has sponsored various events with this organization, knowing that their work is meaningful to the Louisville community. Over 15 firm employees ran the race and raised money for this worthy cause.


“At Thomas Law Offices, we believe that one of the many ways we support our clients is by supporting our community and helping bring awareness to organizations such as these,” said Owner and Managing Partner, Tad Thomas.

Protecting the Vulnerable

Plaintiff law firm Beasley Allen serves its communities through traditional legal services, pro bono work or volunteering. In 2023, the firm provided pro bono work focusing on sex trafficking and criminal record expungement for Street Grace and Frontline Response.

Street Grace collaborates with business and community leaders to provide a pathway to end the sexual exploitation of minors. Through community resources like Beasley Allen’s lawyers, they work to give communities the power to stand up, speak out, and take action.

Frontline Response works to help individuals out of sex trafficking and homelessness while preventing others from becoming victims. Along with community outreach, they train first responders, hospitals, and judges. The organization also advocates for legislative and policy changes that fight against sex trafficking.

“Working with Street Grace and Frontline Response means extending our commitment to protecting the vulnerable. In this case, the future of our youth,” said Beasley Allen pro bono coordinator and principal attorney Chad Cook.

Help Make the World A Better Place

Mission 1:11 is a volunteer based 501(c) 3 non-profit, committed to partnering with communities in Haiti and the Philippines to help meet basic needs through access to medical, educational, and economic assistance. Mission 1:11 empowers people to help make the world a better place with a grassroots approach. AAJ member Katie Hubbard is the president and co-founder of Mission 1:11 and has traveled to Haiti and the Philippines to connect with people and serve. 

They provide financial, educational, medical, and spiritual support to a children’s home that houses twelve children in St. Marc, Haiti along with other schools in the community. To do this, Mission 1:11 developed strong relationships with community leaders to serve and help in their communities effectively. Some children at the home have graduated high school and are going on to college, trade school, or leadership programs. 

For years, volunteers would travel to Haiti and the Philippines to provide food and medical care to the community. Since 2020, the organization has shifted to providing much of this care online through local contacts and a telehealth program that has trained nurses to give care and use laptops that were sent to allow patients to see doctors in the United States online. They have also connected teachers in the United States with teachers in Haiti and the Philippines online and shared new curriculum and training opportunities. The goal is to provide Haitians and Filipinos with the support and encouragement to do what they know is best and care for their neighbors. 

Mission 1:11 assists schools through providing backpacks and school supplies; teacher training; and trade school equipment in Haiti and the Philippines. These activities are funded through individual donations from all kinds of people committed to helping others. The name Mission 1:11 comes from a verse in the Bible – 2 Thessalonians 1:11 – “May he give you the power to accomplish all the good things your faith prompts you to do.”


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Joel Feldman speaking to students.
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After his 21-year-old daughter Casey was killed by a distracted driver in 2009, trial lawyer Joel Feldman created a safety campaign in her memory. Hundreds of trial lawyers have volunteered to give the End Distracted Driving (EndDD) presentation across North America.

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