AAJ’s Sections help you connect with others in your practice area and promote the sharing of ideas and documents, highlight relevant news and verdicts, and contribute to education programs.

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Connect with Trial Lawyers

Connect with other trial lawyers confronting the same challenges and benefit from their insights and experience.

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Grow your business by connecting with other leading trial attorneys from across the country.

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National Perspective 

Trial lawyers from around the country share their knowledge with other Section members.

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AAJ's newest Section, the Premises Liability Section, was formally approved at the 2023 AAJ Annual Convention in Philadelphia. Learn More.

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About AAJ's Sections

Sections connect you to groups of leading practitioners and provide you with cutting-edge strategies, proven trial techniques, numerous networking opportunities, and the tools necessary to successfully litigate your cases in order to achieve a full recovery of damages for your clients.

Who Can Join?

Section membership is open to all membership categories and Paralegal Affiliates. Certain benefits in membership categories other than Regular, Life, Sustaining, and President's Club may be restricted. In particular, access to the Section e-mail list servers are limited to Regular, Life, Sustaining, and President's Club Members, and sponsored Law Professors and Paralegal Affiliates. The online document libraries are limited to Regular, Life, Sustaining, and President's Club Members. List server participants and access to a Section's document library requires membership in that specific Section.

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AAJ's Community Center

The interactive, online home for sections, litigation groups, caucuses, member forums, and committees. List servers let you connect with your trial lawyer community right from your inbox, and the center builds on the power of that network. Search discussion archives and document libraries, set list server notification settings, read blog posts, and more.

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