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AAJ's Community Center

The interactive, online home for sections, litigation groups, caucuses, member forums, and committees. List servers let you connect with your trial lawyer community right from your inbox, and the center builds on the power of that network. Search discussion archives and document libraries, set list server notification settings, read blog posts, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Community Center?

AAJ launch the new and much improved community platform for list servers and document libraries in the Summer of 2020. AAJ members still have access to their list servers right from their inboxes, and this new platform builds on that network. The center serves as a single point to manage your AAJ list servers, access discussion archives and attachments, and connect with the other members of your groups.

The email addresses for AAJ's list servers changed during this transition. 

Why the change?

The new platform was selected based on member suggestions for how to best make content available for member groups. It will improve your ability to read and respond to discussions online, search the discussion archives and retrieve past attachments, change your list server settings, read newsletters, and view the document libraries. These features will be rolled out over the next several months.

What is an Allowlist?

An allowlist is a list of email addresses or domains from which you want to receive emails. By adding an address or domain to your allowlist, you are telling your email system not to filter email from that address or domain. This is the first and most critical step to take to ensure you receive your list server messages. 

You will likely need to work with your IT department or vendor. Please ask them to add the domain to your organization's "allowlist." For more detailed instructions, click here.

For additional help, contact

How do I set up an Outlook Rule to send messages to a folder?

  1. Create a folder in Outlook for the messages (if you already have a folder, you can skip this step)
  2. Right click on an email from the list server.
  3. Click on “Create New Rule”
  4. Click on Advanced Settings

    To send all your AAJ list server messages to one folder:
    Check 'with Specific words in the sender's address.' Click on 'Specific words' and type Click Add and click OK.

    To send a specific AAJ list server to a folder:
    a. Check 'with Specific words in the sender's address.' Click on 'Specific words' and type Click Add and click OK.
    b. Check on 'with specific words in the email heading.' Click on 'Specific words' and type the beginning of the subject line for the list server (e.g. Small Firm or medmal).

  5. Click Add and click Ok. Click Next.
  6. Check on 'specified' folder and select the folder where you want messages delivered. Click Finish.

A video tutorial is available in the Tutorial section (login required) in the Community Center. Contact for detailed directions.

I need help. Who can I contact?

Email for support.  AAJ staff will respond as quickly as possible.

The Community Center also have a detailed FAQ pages and video tutorials for common tasks.

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