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To help the editors prepare a thorough and accurate account of your case, please complete every item below. If you are reporting a case settled before filing, please name the parties and type "pre-filed settlement" on court line. The editors will evaluate your case for possible inclusion in one of AAJ’s four Law Reporters (Products Liability, Professional Negligence, Class Action, or Motor Vehicle) or the TRIAL "Verdicts & Settlements" section.



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For each plaintiff—age, occupation, annual earnings (at time of injury), income loss:

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Medical expenses:

Counter-allegations or defenses:

The parties' primary liability and damages experts (include name, specialty, city, and state):

Result (if a structured settlement, include present value):

Special comments:

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If you have documents that we may make available to AAJ members, please send them. Documents via e-mail or on disk are especially welcome. Your documents will assist the Exchange Document Acquisition Project.
Check here to be considered for a Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award at our next convention.

This award is given to those attorneys and their clients whose cases help tell the story of American civil justice and educate the public and policymakers about what is at stake when our opponents push for radical liability limits. Submissions must be postmarked by May 1 to be considered for the Sharp Award given at that year's annual convention.

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