AAJ Health Care Marketplace

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AAJ Health Care Marketplace 

AAJ Health Care Marketplace – The Patient Protection and Affordable Act (ACA) has changed the way insurance is purchased and the responsibilities of both individuals and employers in choosing plans.  The AAJ Health Insurance Marketplace was designed to provide members three things:

1) Access: Members will be able to calculate what, if any, government subsidies they can receive towards their premium
2) Shop and Comparison: Members can shop and compare both ON (public) and OFF (private) exchange plans to get the most competitively priced plan that fits their needs.
3) Enroll: Members may choose and enroll in any of the plans available online, quickly and easily

The AAJ Health Care Marketplace is powered by JLBG Health, the largest provider of branded health insurance exchanges in the US. The AAJ Health Care Marketplace was created in response to the requirements of the new healthcare law and our continual efforts as an association to assist our members in running their practice. 

To find out your eligibility for subsidies and to start shopping for health care plans, CLICK HERE

• There are currently no AAJ Health Care Plan Marketplace offerings in VT, WA, ME, RI or HI as consumers are not able to enroll from outside sources in these states, you must do so with the state exchanges directly.

Members may receive information and assistance on plan options by calling 1-888-715-6585. American Association for Justice members have access to live, licensed and CMS approved agents in the call center to assist them with their paperwork, make plan recommendations and help answer questions regarding coverage. This is an added value to our Marketplace, as the “enrollers” assigned through the Government site can only assist with paperwork — the Government "enrollers" are not licensed and therefore are only authorized to assist with paperwork.

For additional information on what the ACA means to you and your firm, AAJ has the following resources:

• The ACA Timeline
• ACA Mandates
• Compliance
• Tax Information

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