FAQs about Trial

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FAQs about Trial 

Editorial Offices

777 6th St., N.W., Suite 200
Washington, D.C. 20001-3703
Phone: (202) 965-3500 ext. 3508
Fax: (202) 965-0030
E-mail: trial@justice.org

Editorial Staff

Director of Publications and Editor: Allison Torres Burtka, ext. 2897
Associate Director of Publications and Managing Editor: Jennifer D. Adams, ext. 2813
Associate Editor: Alyssa E. Lambert, ext. 2836
Editorial Assistant: Catherine A. O'Connor, ext. 3508

Subscription Information

A subscription to Trial is included with AAJ membership. The basic subscription rate for non-AAJ members is:

1 Year — $99

To subscribe, send a check or money order to Trial, AAJ, 777 6th St., N.W., Suite 200, Washington, DC 20001-3703, or call (800) 424-2725 ext. 3508, or send an e-mail to mailto:trial@justice.org?subject=Trial%20subscription.

How can I get the twice-monthly Trial News e-newsletter?

Trial News, delivered by e-mail twice a month, is a benefit of AAJ Membership. The e-newsletter is the magazine’s online component, bringing readers recent news, verdicts and settlements, and other information not included in the print edition.

Trial News is delivered to every AAJ member. If you aren’t receiving it, check to make sure it isn’t landing in your junk or spam e-mail folder.

Set your spam or junk e-mail settings to approve mmreturn@magnetdev.com.

For additional help, contact AAJ Member Services at 202-965-3500, ext. 8611.

Digital Edition

The digital edition of Trial is identical to the print version—complete with graphics, art, and advertising—with several special electronic features, including:

  • Live links to URLs and e-mail addresses in ads and editorial text, including article footnotes.
  • Digital archive from March 2011.
  • Keyword search capability in single issue or across all digital issues in the archive.
  • Easy mouse-click navigation.

AAJ members may access digital Trial on AAJ's Web site after supplying a username and password.

Trial Themes

Each month, Trial focuses on a specific theme, like products liability, medical negligence, or employment law. The 2013 themes cover a variety of topics of interest to trial attorneys.

Article Submission and Review

All published articles must conform to Trial's article submission guidelines. Submissions should be sent to the editorial offices for consideration.

All submissions are acknowledged on receipt. They are reviewed by the editors and then submitted for peer review by attorneys or experts in the relevant field. The review process usually takes three to four weeks. If an article is accepted, it is typically published two to three months later.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor may be e-mailed to trial@justice.org or mailed or faxed to the editorial offices.

Book Reviews

Trial does not accept unsolicited reviews. You may, however, contact Trial's editorial offices to express interest in writing book reviews (please describe your area of expertise). The editors will keep you in mind as a potential book reviewer.

Book publishers may send press releases and review copies of new books to Trial's editorial offices. Please send only books that have been in print less than six months and first editions. Trial does not review books by vanity presses or self-publishers.

Finding an Article

AAJ's Web site allows you to conduct a publications-only search, restricting results to content that appeared in Trial and the Law Reporters. You may also search in the Trial digital edition by selecting "Search" on the toolbar and entering a keyword or phrase. For assistance finding earlier articles not available online, e-mail trial@justice.org or call (800) 424-3735, ext. 3508.

Ordering Copies of Articles

To order copies of articles that have appeared in Trial, call (800) 424-2725, ext. 3508, and give the issue, article title, and author. There is a $10 charge for each copy requested. You can also make your request by e-mail at trial@justice.org. The full text of a limited number of current and past issues is available online to association members.

Ordering Back Issues

To order a back issue, call (800) 424-2727. Back issues are $25 for each issue. You can also place your back-issues order by e-mail at trial@justice.org.

Permission to Reprint, Post, or Distribute Articles

AAJ holds copyright on articles published in Trial unless otherwise indicated in the author's biography. To obtain permission to reprint, post online, or distribute paper or electronic copies of an AAJ-copyrighted article, call, fax, or write the editorial offices. Provide the article title, author, and date of issue, and explain how you intend to use the article. We will respond in writing with permission and a credit line. If the author holds copyright, we will provide a mailing address on request. If another publisher holds copyright, contact the publisher.

Change of Address Information

 Send change-of-address information to AAJ Membership at member.updates@justice.org.

Advertising in Trial

Trial offers a variety of advertising opportunities—including display, attorney, expert, and classified advertising. For more information, contact AAJ Sales at (800) 424-2725, ext. 8331, or advertising@justice.org.

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