FAQs about Law Reporters

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FAQs about Law Reporters 

Editorial Offices

Law Reporters
777 6th Street, N.W., Suite 200
Washington, D.C. 20001-3703
Phone: (202) 965-3500 (see individual extensions below)
Fax: (202) 965-0030
E-mail: law.reporter@justice.org

Editorial Staff

Director of Publications: Allison Torres Burtke, ext. 2897
Managing Editor: Christine Mollenauer, ext. 3509
Senior Editor: Courtney Davenport, ext. 6648
Contributing Writers: Lynne Stern Feiges, ext. 8483; Liane Leshne Blumenthal, ext. 8266

What Law Reporters does AAJ publish?

AAJ publishes four Law Reporters in specific practice areas:

  • Products Liability Law Reporter (six print issues and monthly electronic newsletters)

  • Professional Negligence Law Reporter (six print issues and monthly electronic newsletters)

  • Class Action Law Reporter (monthly electronic newsletters)

  • Motor Vehicle Law Reporter (monthly electronic newsletters)

Who receives these publications?

  • The Products Liability Law Reporter and Professional Negligence Law Reporter are benefits of membership in those sections.

  • Subscriptions to the Class Action Law Reporter and Motor Vehicle Law Reporter are available to all AAJ members.

How much does a subscription cost?

A subscription to CALR or MVLR costs $59 a year. Subscriptions to PLLR and PNLR—including the 6 print issues and the 12 e-newsletters—are included in the price of section membership ($140). Nonmembers can subscribe to the print issues of PLLR and PNLR for $160 annually.

Why am I not getting the Law Reporter e-newsletters?

The four Law Reporter e-newsletters are delivered to subscribers only. If you are a subscriber but are not receiving your e-newsletter, check to make sure it isn’t landing in your junk or spam e-mail folder.

To prevent Law Reporter e-newsletters from landing in your junk or spam e-mail folder, adjust your filtering settings to approve mmreturn@magnetdev.com.

For additional help, and to confirm that you are subscribed to the Law Reporter e-newsletters you’re expecting, contact AAJ Membership, ext. 8611.

What happened to the "blue" Law Reporter that all members used to get with TRIAL?

The last issue of the Law Reporter, AAJ's longtime case-summary publication, was published in August 2009. Select content from the Law Reporter is now published in TRIAL in the "Verdicts & Settlements" section and "Spotlight" feature. Additional case summaries appear in TRIAL News, the magazine's twice-monthly electronic newsletter.

Can I access old issues of the Law Reporter online?

Yes. Past issues of the Law Reporter are viewable and searchable on justice.org.

How do I get my case published in a Law Reporter?

Submit your case in one of the following three ways:

  1. Online: Fill out the Submit Your Case form. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

  2. Fax: Fill out the online form and print it or complete the form on the back page of PLLR or PNLR and fax it to (202) 965-0030.

  3. Mail: Fill out the online form and print it or complete the form on the back page of PLLR or PNLR and mail it to:

    AAJ Law Reporters
    777 6th Street, N.W., Suite 200
    Washington, DC 20001-3703

How recent must the case be to get published?

We publish reports on court opinions within six months of the decision date. We prefer to publish verdicts and settlements within six months of the resolution, but will consider submissions up to one year old if space allows. Cases that are too old to publish as a main case may be mentioned briefly in a "Comment" to the main write-up on a similar case.

Should your case not meet our editorial needs, we still share the information that you provide with the Exchange, AAJ's litigation support department.

Do you only report cases with a verdict or settlement over a certain amount?

No. We welcome submissions of verdicts and settlements regardless of the amount recovered, as long as the plaintiff prevailed.

What kinds of court documents would you like me to send?

Please send any documents that you believe will be helpful to another AAJ member trying a similar case or dealing with similar issues.

How do I submit a manuscript for the "Insight" or "Outlook" columns? 

The print issues of PLLR and PNLR occasionally include bylined articles in the "Insight" (PLLR) and "Outlook" (PNLR) columns. All published articles must conform to manuscript guidelines. For more information, see the PLLR Insight and PNLR Outlook Manuscript Guidelines. Manuscripts may be sent via e-mail: law.reporter@justice.org, fax: (202) 965-0030, or mail:

AAJ Law Reporters
777 6th Street, N.W., Suite 200
Washington, DC 20001-3703

Do the Law Reporters carry advertising?

CALR, MVLR, and the PNLR and PLLR e-newsletters accept advertising. Click here for more information, or contact AAJ Sales at (800) 424-2725, ext. 8331, or advertising@justice.org.

Is there an editorial calendar for the Law Reporters?

No. Unlike TRIAL, the Reporters do not have theme issues.

How can I get permission to reprint a case summary or article, or post it online?

AAJ holds copyright on content published in the Law Reporters unless otherwise indicated. To obtain permission to reprint, post online, or distribute paper or electronic copies of an AAJ-copyrighted case summary or article, call, fax, or write the editorial offices. Provide the case summary or article title and date of issue, and explain how you intend to use the material. We will respond in writing with permission and a credit line.

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