Guidelines for "Outlook" and "Insight" Articles

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Guidelines for "Outlook" and "Insight" Articles 

Please follow the following guidelines when submitting an article for the Professional Negligence Law Reporter “Outlook” or Products Liability Law Reporter “Insight” feature.

  • Submissions should be no longer than 12 pages in length (2,400 words), double-spaced on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Left margin should be at 1 inch and right margin at 2 inches. Please forward the manuscript both in hard copy and via e-mail or on a disk compatible with Word or WordPerfect. You may also fax the manuscript to us at (202) 965-0030 at the same time you mail the disk.

  • Writing should be concise and to the point, focusing on practical, not esoteric, issues regarding professional negligence cases. The emphasis should be on trial techniques, strategies, tips, and advice for handling a case similar to the one described in the paper. Emerging trends and theories are also of interest to our readers.

  • Footnotes and endnotes are not used in "Outlook" or "Insight" articles. Necessary cites to cases, texts, studies, and other supporting authorities should appear in the text, not at the end of the manuscript. Most legal references should follow the ALWD Citation Manual (Third Edition), Association of Legal Writing Directors, including using authors' first names. Information about this legal style and how it differs slightly from the Bluebook Uniform System of Citation can be found at Cite only to the West reporter system or to the Westlaw or LEXIS electronic databases; do not include parallel citations to state reporters. Please include copies of any articles or studies you cite.

  • Include a brief biographical sketch (10-15 words) at the end of the manuscript that includes your name, occupation, firm, city, and state.

  • Consistent with AAJ policies and procedures, all manuscripts submitted for publication are sent for review by outside reviewers. Manuscripts must pass the review process to be considered for publication. Manuscripts are edited for style and clarity, and edited drafts are sent back to authors for approval.

  • Please do not submit any manuscript that has been previously published or that is under consideration by another publication. Authors will be asked to sign a copyright agreement.

  • Policy for authors: Authors must be free from pending disciplinary action in which the public finding of probable cause, or other similar finding, has been made. Articles by authors who have been disciplined will not be selected for publication except for good cause.

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