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Frequently Asked Questions about AAJ's List Servers

List Server Eligibility

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Technical Support

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What Are AAJ's List Servers?

AAJ's List Servers are electronic mailing lists with searchable Web message archives on They allow members to communicate with hundreds of other participating plaintiff attorneys via e-mail or the Web site. Any e-mail message sent to a List Server is automatically delivered to all participating AAJ members.

AAJ's List Servers are intended for plaintiff attorneys only and are therefore limited to Regular, Sustaining, Life, and President's Club members. Paralegal Affiliates and Law Professors sponsored by these membership types may also participate. Personal injury defense attorneys are prohibited from using any AAJ List Server. This policy is enforced and monitored by AAJ staff and members.

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How to use AAJ's List Servers

You can always check messages posted to a List Server on with your Web browser. If you choose to join, you will typically receive all messages posted to the List Server in your e-mail. After you are subscribed, you may participate by sending e-mail messages to the List Server and receive replies posted by others via e mail.

For security reasons, the only way to subscribe to AAJ's List Servers is through our Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Lists page on our Web site. To manage your list server subscriptions, simply check the lists you are interested in, or uncheck the ones you wish to leave. You may also elect how you receive messages by selecting one of the following options:

  • Individual mail: Each individual message is sent as a separate e-mail.
  • Daily digest: Only one e-mail is sent daily that includes all messages contributed.
  • Daily index: One message is sent daily containing 1.) the subjects and message numbers of that day's postings and 2.) instructions on retrieving specific messages.
  • No mail: No e-mail messages are sent; postings are visible on the Web only.

Please note that, when you join a List Server, you will be asked to sign an online agreement stating you have read and will follow certain guidelines, and that you agree never to share any information from the lists with any defense interest.

Posting a Message: Once you are a member of a List Server, you will have access to all messages posted to that List Server. You can view the entire list of AAJ List Servers and their associated e-mail addresses on the Manage Lists and Archives page. You can post a message to a List Server by sending an e-mail message to that particular group's e-mail address. Alternately, if your browser is configured to send e-mail, you can just click on the listed e-mail address. While e-mail is the preferred method of participation, you can also create a new message from each group's List Server page by clicking "Create" and using the Web browser form that appears. Regardless of how messages are sent to the list server, they will automatically be e-mailed to everyone who is a member of that list server and has chosen to receive e-mail. A copy will also be placed in a Web archive, where it can continue be accessed into the future.

Replying to a Message: If you receive and read messages using an e-mail client, then just use it to reply to the messages. Before replying, it is important to consider whether you wish to send a response to the entire list or reply privately to the author of the original message. The default setting is for responses to be sent to the entire list. However, most e-mail programs will allow you to reply privately to the original author—just take a quick look at the "Reply to:" header window and make sure you are responding only to the author (as opposed to the entire list). To make a public reply to the whole list, the e-mail address for that particular group should appear in the "Reply to:" window. When you use a Web browser to view List Server messages, there will be a "Reply" option next to each message.

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Navigating AAJ's List Servers Pages

As you explore AAJ's List Servers, please note that each page has a horizontal menu of options that allows you to quickly jump to whatever function or page you need. The standard menu options are as follows:

  • Available Lists takes you to a listing of all the List Servers in which you are eligible to participate.
  • Read lets you view all of the messages in a particular List Server. Messages are archived for 240 days.
  • Create allows you to post a new message to a List Server.
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe allows you to tailor the List Servers you belong to and how you receive your messages (e.g., each individual message, a daily digest, or a daily index of subject headings).
  • Search This List allows you to search for terms or names within the List Server you are viewing.
  • Search All Lists allows you to search for terms or names within all List Servers available to you.

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Policies & Agreements

AAJ's List Servers are constructive and supportive communities where proper decorum is expected. To that end, we regard the following material as inappropriate and expect that members will not post such material when using the List Servers:

  • Obscene, offensive, inflammatory, libelous or derogatory language and messages;
  • Copyright violations or commercial messages;
  • Messages posted from any source other than AAJ that require the respondent to pay money to retrieve the information; or
  • Messages that are off-topic (on a related note, messages such as "I've done this or know that, contact me" and "me, too" should be sent to the original author, not the list).

Before posting to the List Servers, we recommend that you read the Security Notice and review the Posting Guidelines. You can also review the Policies for Participation in AAJ List Servers and Document Libraries. All members are prompted to agree to these policies before proceeding with a Web-based List Server session.

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