Foreign Manufacturer Accountability

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Foreign Manufacturer Accountability 

American consumers must be able to hold foreign manufacturers accountable for dangerous and defective products.

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“Federal investigators reported on Monday that a “strong association” exists between chemicals in Chinese drywall installed in thousands of homes during the housing boom and electrical problems in those homes.”
Chinese Drywall Linked to Corrosion
New York Times, 11/23/09 

 “U.S. District Court Judge Eldon E. Fallon, who is overseeing the combined Chinese drywall litigation in New Orleans, said Thursday the first "bellwether" trial will take place Jan. 25 -- barely 60 days from now.”
First Chinese drywall trial is set for January
Herald Tribune, 11/20/09

“So far, most insurance policy cancellations have been taking place in Florida. In Louisiana, insurers were universally denying claims, but it was believed that a state law making it difficult for insurers to drop coverage for homeowners who have been customers for at least three years would largely keep policies in place. But advocates for Chinese drywall victims have reported that in the past few weeks, a wave of cancellations has begun to unfold in Louisiana, even with people like Thomas, who had insurance on her home with Hanover for just over three years.”
Insurers have begun cancelling policies on Louisiana homes with tainted drywall
Times-Picayune, 11/08/09

Dangerous Foreign ProductsEvery day, American consumers are vulnerable to injury or death from dangerous foreign products. News that thousands of homeowners are living with the hazards of tainted Chinese drywall is just one more example of why there must be a system in place that would ensure these goods are safe. Beefing up U.S. inspections of foreign goods is an important step but it is only one part of the solution.

Foreign Manufacturers Should Not Have an Advantage over American Businesses

American businesses have incentive to produce quality goods because they will be held liable by our civil justice system.  Under current law, foreign companies have no such incentive because it is often difficult or impossible to subject them to the jurisdiction of U.S. courts.  The Protecting Americans from Unsafe Foreign Products Act levels the playing field so that foreign companies are subject to the same laws as American businesses.

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