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Advanced Depositions College 

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February 18, 2011 - February 21, 2011
Westin Canal Place
New Orleans, LA

Cosponsored by the Louisiana Association for Justice

27 CLE Credits

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Friday, February 18

Welcome and Introductions
Carrie Frank, J.D., M.S.S.W., CO
Rich Hailey, IN

Understanding Bias and Its Role in Discovery and at Trial
• How bias affects your deposition strategy
• Combating bias in discovery and trial
• Finding your reptilian issues through discovery
Carrie Frank, J.D., M.S.S.W., CO

Establishing Standards of Care and Conduct with Defense Witnesses
Gus Brown, MD
Erik Heninger, AL

 Workshop:  Discovery Plan and Witness Goals
• Witness plan
• Goals for each lay witness—three take-aways

The Importance of Video
Tom McGrath, AL

Deposition Techniques
• Exhaustion
• Boxing-in
• Restating and summarizing
• Nonverbals, mirroring
Erik Heninger, AL
Tom Vesper , NJ

Deposing the Difficult Witness
• One fact, one question
• Using exhibits for control
• Establishing deposition protocol / rules
Mike Doyle, TX
Rich Hailey, IN

 Workshop on Lay Witnesses:  Exhaustion, Boxing-in, Restating and Summarizing, Nonverbals, Mirroring 

Networking Reception

Saturday, February 19

Depositions of Corporate Representatives:  30(b)(6) Deposition
• Crafting the notice for your case
• Use of 30(b)(6) for contention depositions related to defenses
• Demonstration of questions used with the 30(b)(6) deposition to establish the witness speaks for the corporation
• Relationship between Rules 30(b)(6) and 32
Mark Kosieradzki, MN

“Death Star” Depositions:  The 30(b)(2) Deposition
• Finding all the documents
• Using a 30(b)(2) deposition to discover case dispositive information
• Altered records: lock the defendant in, then impeach with the originals
• Using the “smoking gun” document
Phillip Miller, TN
Tom Vesper, NJ

 Workshop:  Document Discovery/“Death Star” Depositions

Demonstration:  Dealing with the Evasive Witness
• Techniques in handling the evasive witness
• Demonstration of deposing the evasive witness
Carrie Frank, J.D., M.S.S.W., CO

 Workshop:  Establishing Standards of Care and Conduct

Sunday, February 20

Dealing with the Rambo Litigator (ethics)
• Use of ethics rules
• Use of deposition protocol
• Redwood v. Dobson• Learning styles
• Processing styles
• Making your witness defamation proof
• Diagnosing witness’s problems and issues
Katherine James, CA

Special Considerations for Deposing Experts
• Establishing facts and theories favorable to your case
• Daubert
• Silver bullets
Gus Brown, MD
Tom McGrath, AL

 Workshop:  Deposing Experts

Microexpressions and Body Language
Phillip Miller, TN

Monday, February 21

How to Effectively Use Your Depositions in Trial
• Maximum effect as impeachment
• Substantive evidence when the witness is unavailable
• In opening and closing using PowerPoint
Mike Doyle , TX

Faculty Deposition Demonstrations
• Deposition of accident reconstruction expert
• Deposition of defendant driver
• Deposition of DME
Mark Kosieradzki , MN
Phillip Miller. TN

Bringing It All Together
• Summarization of key points from each lecture
• Vignettes for key points
Moderator: Carrie Frank, J.D., M.S.S.W., CO
All Faculty

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