ATLA's Ultimate Trial Advocacy College: Art of Persuasion

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ATLA's Ultimate Trial Advocacy College: Art of Persuasion 

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March 12, 2011 - March 16, 2011
Harvard Law School and the Sheraton Commander Hotel
Cambridge, Massachusetts

35 CLE Credits

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Saturday, March 12
Storytelling and the Trial Story
    •  Impact in opening statement
    •  Making your trial story in opening
Paul Scoptur, WI
Juror Perceptions and Beliefs
    •  Attorney credibility
    •  Liability and damages
    •  Opening statement
Greg Cusimano, AL
David Wenner, AZ

Demonstration:  Storytelling and Theming in Opening
Miriam Weizenbaum, RI  

Commentary and Analysis
Richard Jenson, TX 

Demonstration:  How to Counter Negative Juror Perceptions and Beliefs in Opening
Eddie Davidson, TN
Commentary and Analysis
Ed Lazarus, MD 

Workshop Introductions

Sunday, March 13

Communication Skills Workshop:  Capturing, Holding, and Directing the Jury’s Attention
Alan Blumenfeld, CA
Katherine James, CA
Rethink Your Litigation Approach Before It’s Too Late       
• Reverse your thinking
• Ask smarter questions
• Focus on the kill shots
Rodney Jew, CA

Workshop on Opening Statement

Jury Selection and Voir Dire (lectures and demonstrations)
• Jury questionnaire
• Challenges for cause
• Voir dire demonstrations
• Reading nonverbals in the venire
          - Finding followers and their leaders
          - Locating potential blocks/factions
          - Identifying likely “hot” topics and biases
Patty Kuehn, IL  
Tom Penfield, CA
Diane Wyzga, CA

Monday, March 14

Preparing Witnesses for Direct and Cross-Examination
Miriam Weizenbaum, RI
Relating to the Jury—Being Human
Greg Cusimano, AL
Telling the Story Through Direct Examination (lecture and demonstrations)
    •  Getting the jury to listen
    •  Sequencing to keep the story moving
    •  Simplifying the complex
    •  Anticipating cross
Greg Eiesland, TN 

Workshop on Direct Examination

Tuesday, March 15

Cross-Examination—Homicide or Suicide?
    •  Sequencing
    •  Direct v. collateral attack
Paul Scoptur, WI

Communication Skills Workshop:  Voice and Movement
Alan Blumenfeld, CA
Katherine James, CA
Workshop on Cross-Examination

Choice Theory/Framing 
Mark Mandell, RI

How Focus Groups Can Help Your Case
    •  Concept versus structured focus groups
    •  Analyzing and using the information 
Bob Gerchen, MO
Richard Jenson, TX
Ed Lazarus, MD
Wednesday, March 16

Effective Advocacy Using Exhibits and Themes in Trial
Miriam Weizenbaum, RI 

Reaching Your Goal—Let’s Talk Damages
•  Giving the jury a number
•  Damages in opening
•  Motivating the jury to award damages
Bob Gerchen, MO
Tom Penfield, CA

Final Impact:  Making Summation Count
Greg Eiesland, SD
Demonstrations:  Masters of the Art of Closing Argument
    •  Countering negative juror perceptions and beliefs
    •  Using visuals
    •  Anticipating juror questions
    •  Arguing damages
Tom Penfield, CA
Eddie Davidson, TN

Workshop on Summation


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