E-mail Sales

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E-mail Sales 

A highly requested service in the direct mail industry is e-mail messaging, which offers advertisers quick and instant feedback.


A. Distribution: AAJ does not release member e-mail addresses. Instead, your e-mail will be set up and distributed through AAJ.

B. Format: Provide AAJ with the e-mail message that you would like to have sent. E-mail messages may be sent in text or HTML (Web-based) formats and may include graphics and as many hyperlinks to your Web site as you desire.

C. Reporting: AAJ will provide you with statistical reports to help you gauge the success of your mailing.

D. Reserving Space: AAJ allows only two vendor e-mail messages to be sent per week to our members. Due to this restriction, we will be taking reservations for the privilege of sending the weekly e-mail.

Additionally, no vendor will be allowed to run more than two e-mails in a month so that a variety of vendors will have the opportunity to market their products and services to AAJ’s membership through this channel.


$360/M includes all selections, processing, and transmission charges.

Minimum: Any order of less than 2,000 e-mails will incur a $100 set-up charge.

Size of list: approximately 20,000

Guidelines: Restrictions are the same as those of AAJ’s direct mailing list guidelines.

E-mails promoting education programs, seminars, or conventions cannot be accepted.

For more information regarding e-mail messaging campaigns or to reserve
your space, please contact Infocus Marketing at 800-708-5478 or sales@infocusmarketing.com.

Sales Office: 800-424-2725 or 202-965-3500 • advertising@justice.org
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