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Interested in helping out?  Contact Lori Andrus, Chair of the WTLC, at or any of the Committee Co-Chairs below.   

Education: Works with AAJ Education and the National College of Advocates to identify, recruit and promote Women Trial Lawyer speakers at AAJ events, including the Annual and Mid-Winter Conventions.
     Co-Chairs:  Esther Berezofsky – or 856.667.0500
                         Ellen Presby – or 214.774.2258
                         Betsy Greene – or 812.336.4357

Fundraising: Organizes and leads our fundraising efforts, including increasing PAC membership and specific fundraising projects undertaken by the WTLC at the request of AAJ leadership.
     Co-Chairs:    Rebecca Langston – or 601.969.1356
                           Jennifer Moore – or 502.657.7100
                           Victoria Schall – or 856.596.4100

Women’s Leadership Summit: Oversees our Women’s Leadership Summit, which will take place in the summer of 2014, by organizing the agenda, identifying and inviting speakers, and working with AAJ staff on logistics.
     Co-Chairs:     Yvonne Flaherty – or 612.339.6900
                            Jennie Anderson – or 415.986.1400
                            Jackalyn Olinger or 314.244.1397

Membership Activation and Outreach: Increases membership of female lawyers in AAJ and activates current women members in a variety of ways, including the WTLC, both by: promoting participation in WTLC Events during Convention; continuing and expanding efforts such as Table of Eight and  overseeing the WTLC Convention Connector; and by improving outreach efforts.
     Co-Chairs:      A.J. de Bartolomeo – or 415.981.4800
                            Janet Abaray – or 513.852.5600
                            Melissa Hague – or 215.735.1130

Mentor Program: Implements and continues to expand grow our WTLC mentoring program, partnering younger or newer women AAJ members with more experienced practitioners in their area.
     Co-Chairs:    Erin Dickinson – or 414.273.8475
                           Katie Hubbard – or 618.656.5150
                           Ingrid Heide – or 212.750.1200

Political Outreach: Develops and implements a plan to increase WTLC outreach to national and local legislators, supporting AAJ’s public affairs and lobbying work.
     Co-Chairs:    Lauren Barnes – o 617.482.3700
                           Tiffany Ellis – or 248.746.4586
                           Genevieve Zimmerman – or 612.341.0400

Publications: Oversees preparation of our quarterly newsletter as well as submission by any member of one article for publication in a national women’s bar association journal each year.
     Co-Chairs:  Marion Munley – or 570.346.7401
                         Stacey Burke – or 713.225.0500
                         Greta Kemp – or 601.944.108

Scholarship: Works to increase funding for and oversees selection of the Women for Justice Education Fund’s Mike Eidson Scholarship(s) on an annual basis.
     Co-Chairs:     Marianne LeBlanc – or 617.542.1000
                            Kristine Meredith – or 650.453.3600
                            Danielle Mason – or 334.269.2343

Social: Plans and organizes WTLC receptions at the mid-winter and annual conventions.
     Co-Chairs:     Ingrid Evans – or 415.441.8669
                            Kate Jaycox – or 612.349.8452

State Caucus Project: Supports efforts to establish women’s caucuses in state trial lawyer organizations, increasing interactions among them and with AAJ WTLC.
      Co-Chairs:    Vicki Slater – or 601.987.8184
                            Brenda Fulmer – or 561.686.6300
                            Vanessa Cantley – or 502.587.2002

Table of Eight: Organizes and supports our Table of Eight program, in which WTLC members invite non-AAJ members to dinner or a similar gathering, preferably in a small group setting, to increase our outreach and encourage additional AAJ memberships.
       Co-Chairs:  Julie Ferraro – or 617.933.5923
                           Kelly Armstrong – or 415.928.1293
                           Trudy Fenster – or 340.778.885

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