Message from the Chair

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Message from the Chair 

Dear Members of the Paralegal Division of AAJ:
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Daphne Grier but everyone calls me Daph, which I prefer. I have been appointed as the new Chair of the Paralegal Advisory Task Force of AAJ and am excited to be a part of such an essential group to this organization. I have been a legal secretary and then paralegal for over 25 years. I started my legal career as a secretary at the Law Offices of Steven R. Harris & Associates in New York City. I moved to Dallas in 1993 where I worked as a paralegal at Miller & Weisbrod for 19 years. I am now a litigation paralegal and administrator at the law firm of Standly & Hamilton in downtown Dallas. It is an honor to be appointed as your Chair and I would love to hear your questions and/or concerns about the benefits of your membership in AAJ. 
The amount of shared knowledge among our peers here is amazing and it would be great to learn from each other. I believe we can all benefit from a more active listserv! To that end, each week I would like to pose a question or topic of interest and welcome you to respond to the membership your position on, experiences with or information on that topic. The Paralegal Division is over 500 strong in AAJ, and our goal is to help to make this organization work for us and be what we need and want it to be. Please feel free to email me privately at with your own suggested topic(s) or question(s) to pose to the group. Additionally, if you have questions or tips about rules, discovery, depositions, reporters, experts, trial prep, etc., please do not hesitate to post it to the group at There aren’t any bad questions…we can all benefit from reaching out and you know the attorneys do it all the time on their listservs!
Additionally, I would like to know what you think we can do to boost our attendance at the AAJ convention meetings. As you know, paralegals are an integral part of the legal team and the information, continuing education and networking at the conventions are well worth the investment by your attorneys. We need to impress that upon them! Which brings me to a great opening for our first topic:
Topic #1: Does your law firm support your attendance at the AAJ Conventions? Why (or why not)?
Please respond to the group. When responding, remember the AAJ qualifier that we must add to our signature block. See mine below. 
Last but definitely not least, I am excited to announce that during the 2012 Annual Convention in Chicago, the Paralegal Division was fortunate enough to pick up two generous sponsors for our group:
Donna Jones, Vice President of Operations
Advocate Capital
One Vantage Way, Suite C-165
Nashville, TN 37228

David Meyerowitz, President & CEO
Strategic Capital
575 Madison Avenue
Suite 1006
New York, New York 10022
(416) 849-3484

Please consider our sponsors when and if you have need of their services or know of someone who does. If you need more information, please feel free to contact them directly and don’t forget to thank them for their generosity to our cause!

 I look forward to communicating with you all and please remember, my email is always open; you know what I mean :)

Daphne E. Grier
Chair, AAJ Paralegal Advisory Task Force

Standly & Hamilton, LLP 
325 N. St. Paul Street, Suite 3300
Dallas, TX 75201, USA 
DD: 214.234.7933    F: 214.234.7300
This communication is under the general direction of Christopher Hamilton, the sponsoring attorney of Daphne E. Grier.

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