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AAJ Committees 

Committee Summaries

  • Affinity - Assists and provides guidance on AAJ business development and the operation of
    the AAJ affinity programs.
  • Amicus –Identifies priority issues relating to the Amicus Curiae program and addresses those issues by submitting amicus briefs.  The committee shall ensure that important public policy arguments in support of victims’ rights are presented to the courts across this country.
  • Audit Committee – Reviews financial audits of AAJ and follows up on any issues identified by auditors.
  • Budget – Provides oversight of the annual AAJ budget and financial operations (members are elected).
  • Convention Planning – Provides organizational review and evaluation of winter and annual conventions and makes convention destination recommendations to the Executive Committee and BOG.
  • Diversity Committee – Responsible for identifying strategies for growing diversity within AAJ.
  • Election - Enforce the rules for election and develops recommendations pertaining to changes in the election rules, as well as conducts and oversees all AAJ’s elections.
  • Exchange - Monitors, analyzes, and promotes activities to advance trends in the area of Internet technology.  The committee provides advice and counsel regarding AAJ’s collection, delivery, and online integration of relevant legal technological advances, including the Exchange’s offering of a comprehensive set of legal products and services to members.
  • Executive – Oversees the management of the Association (members selected by election or by virtue of other positions held, plus two members appointed by the President)
  • International Relations – Reviews the relationship between the AAJ and the trial lawyer organizations of other countries. 
  • Justice List – Responsible for coordinating the process by which the association makes partisan communications to its members under federal election law.
  • Key Person – Recruits and maintains the Congressional Key Persons Network, and keeps various levels of key persons informed of the status of legislation.  Criteria – the individual must be a key contact for a member of congress.  These individuals are called on to not only assist in recruiting other key contacts but to do critical outreach to members of congress they know.
  • Law School – Improves AAJ’s presence and profile with the faculty and students in the country’s 187 law schools, and increases AAJ’s involvement with student members, student chapters, and law professor members, with the goal of improving attitudes toward trial lawyers and the jury system.  The committee seeks to promote AAJ’s mission of excellence in trial advocacy in the nation’s law schools by effectively administering the annual AAJ’s national student trial advocacy competition.
  • Legal Affairs – Recommends, develops, and implements, upon approval of the BOG or the president, policies and programs involving research, advocacy and litigation relating to legal issues of concern to AAJ as an organization and/or affecting the judicial branch of government, whether federal or state.  Legal issues shall be defined to include all constitutional issues; court rules, including evidence and procedure; and all substantive law issues, whether common law or statutory.
  • Marketing & Client – Educates AAJ members in ways to effectively and ethically inform the public of the merits of the civil justice system and the availability of professional legal services. 
  • Membership Oversight – Ensures AAJ’s continued growth by providing ideas, advice, and assistance on membership promotion and retention programs.
  • National College of Advocacy Board of Trustees - The educational arm of AAJ; responsible for all AAJ educational programs and the education policy of AAJ.  Qualifications:  Any voting member of AAJ who has either taught or attended a college, seminar, and convention is eligible to serve as a member of the NCA Board. 
  • National Finance Council – Established in 2005, the NFC leads all of AAJ’s fundraising campaigns, including Leaders Forum, PAC, special projects, and political fundraising for candidates in order to provide the necessary resources AAJ needs to sustain a prosperous and viable association which continues to meet the needs of its membership.  Criteria – Person who is willing to work hard to assist AAJ in the various fundraising campaigns.
  • Organization Resources Committee – Reviews the structure, functions, processes, and strategic plan of AAJ and makes recommendations to the Board (members are elected).
  • PAC Task Force – Supports and strengthens the fundraising capacity of AAJ PAC through participation in joint state/AAJ PAC task force; drives, provides counsel and assistance to affiliated state organizations; explores and implement methods of fundraising to maintain current levels of participation; and increase contributions to AAJ PAC.  Criteria – Have to contribute to AAJ PAC
  • Paralegal –Oversees the education needs and functions of the Paralegal/Legal Assistant Affiliated United and keeps abreast of paralegal issues.
  • Press Advisory –Assists and provides guidance on the operation of the AAJ Press publishing program.
  • Public Affairs – Advises AAJ executive committee and BOG on policy options, tactics, and strategies concerning issues of concern to trial lawyers pending before the US Congress, executive branch, and federal agencies.
  • Public Education – Renders advice on initiatives designed to enhance understanding of and an appreciation of America’s civil justice system and the trial bar’s mission in particular.  Emphasis is given to the protection of individual rights, the right of trial jury, and safeguarding consumers. 
  • Publications – Assists in the formulation of policy and advises the publication department about the publication of TRIAL and Law Reporters and, as appropriate, undertakes special projects related to the publications of AAJ. 
  • Retirement – Reviews the operations of AAJ’s 401(k) plan and AAJ’s Defined Benefit Plan.  Makes recommendations to the Board and Budget committee as necessary for changes to plan operations.  Reviews investment choices for both plans.
  • Section and Litigation Group Coordination Committee - Oversees and coordinates the development and operation of Litigation Groups and Sections so as to ensure their quality, accessibility, and value to the AAJ membership. 
  • Stalwarts Committee – Reviews the credentials of eligible nominees and recommends to the Board inductees into the ATLA Hall of Fame.  The committee also reviews eligible nominees and recommends to the Executive Committee candidates for the Leonard M. Ring Champion of Justice Award and produces, in accordance with National College of Advocacy guidelines, an educational program to take place during the Annual Convention
  • Web/IT Advisory Committee – Reviews AAJ’s information technology operations and provides guidance to staff and the Budget Committee on improving operations and budgeting for needed enhancements.
  •  Ethical Conduct – Administers disciplinary procedures involving AAJ members

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