Arbitration Fairness Act Protects Americans From Abusive Corporate Practices

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Arbitration Fairness Act Protects Americans From Abusive Corporate Practices: U.S. Chamber shields corporations, rigs legal system at consumers’ expense

For Immediate Release: April 2, 2008

Contact: Ray De Lorenzi
202.965.3500, x369

Washington, DC—The following is a statement from American Association for Justice CEO Jon Haber on the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007 (H.R. 3010 / S.1782) and U.S. Chamber's latest attempts to avoid corporate accountability while denying people justice through the legal system:

  • "U.S. Chamber and its corporate financers are lobbying to keep abusive, binding mandatory arbitration clauses as the status quo. Just ask Jamie Leigh Jones what she thinks of the status quo.

  • "Jamie was raped, drugged, beaten, and then confined to a shipping container by KBR/Halliburton employees while working in Iraq. Because of a clause placed in her employment contract, KBR is trying to force Jamie to submit to a binding, secret, non-appealable arbitration. These are the types of corporations U.S. Chamber is trying to protect.

  • "U.S. Chamber is protecting corporations that bury mandatory arbitration clauses in fine print while destroying the civil justice system."

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