AAJ NLD Annual Document Drive

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AAJ NLD Annual Document Drive 

Dear New Lawyers Division Member:      

As most of you know, the NLD Document Library is a fantastic resource that includes sample complaints, requests for production, interrogatories, motions, and more. The library is online and free for all NLD members. If you are not yet familiar with the NLD Document Library, visit www.justice.org/nld.      

The NLD Document Drive is currently underway. Earlier in the year we set a goal of adding 300 new documents for the library before the AAJ Annual Convention in Vancouver. While several members have donated to the library, we are still a long way from our goal.    

Please submit your materials to the NLD document library—it only takes a minute or two. E-mail submissions to awalvoord@anapolschwartz.com or soliver@baileyoliverlawfirm.com.  

As an incentive, the AAJ Exchange has offered free Gold Plans to the top five contributors. A Gold Plan offers significant discounts on AAJ Exchange Products, including a:

40% discount on Depositions and Court Documents
$100 discount on AAJ Exchange Legal Research Service
$30 off the list price of Litigation Packets
25% discount on CLE Materials
33% to 40% discount on Law Reporter products
10% discount on Bundles

In addition, if you also permit your document to be included in AAJ's Exchange, you will receive a $5 credit toward Exchange purchases for each document you submit.      


Adrianne E. Walvoord      

Sach Oliver


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