In Their Own Words— Quotes from Testimony of Dennis Quaid

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In Their Own Words— Quotes from Testimony of Dennis Quaid 

Dennis Quaid- The parent of twins, Thomas Boone Quaid and Zoe Grace Quaid, who were victims of a heparin overdose at birth, due to inadequate safety warnings by, Baxter, the manufacturer.
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Hearing
May 14, 2008

“Like many Americans, I have always believed that a big problem in this country has been frivolous lawsuits. But now I know that the courts are often the only path that families have that are harmed by drug companies' negligence.” – Dennis Quaid

“Although mistakes did occur at Cedars, the overdosing of our twins was a chain of events of human error. And the first link in that chain was Baxter. Baxter's negligence, the cause of that, was an accident waiting to happen.” – Dennis Quaid

“If preemption to lawsuits is allowed to prevail, it will basically make all of us, the public, uninformed and uncompensated lab rats.” – Dennis Quaid

“A federal ban on lawsuits against drug companies would not just deny victims compensation for the harm that has been done to them. It would also relieve drug companies of the responsibility to make drugs as safe as they can be, and, moreover, to correct problems after that drug has been on the market.” – Dennis Quaid

“If we go along with this preemption theory, it seems to me we're giving the company a free pass, when they know there's a problem with one of its products, when it drags its feet in letting the consumers know about the problem and fixing it, and when someone gets hurt by the product during that time, just because the product had originally --- originally been approved by FDA.” – Dennis Quaid

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