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Frequently Asked Questions about

1. I need a lawyer to handle my case. Would you recommend one?AAJ does not refer attorneys to the general public. Your best resources are's Find an Attorney Directory, your state trial lawyers association, and/or a state or local bar association. You will find many of them listed on the Legal Associations and Organizations page.

2. How do I join AAJ?

You can join AAJ on this Web site through the Join AAJ page. On this page you can either enter your information directly into the Web site or download an application to fill out by hand. For more information, or if you would like to join by speaking with someone in our Membership Department, call 800.424.2727 or 202.965.3500, ext. 8611.

3. I am not an AAJ Member, but I would like to purchase a product or service. Can I do this? If so, how?

As a member of the public, you can make certain purchases, but you must first register on

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Frequently Asked Questions from Members

1. I am having trouble signing on to certain pages. How does the "username" and "password" system work?Certain pages on are made available only to AAJ's membership. In order to view those pages, you will need to log in with your username and password. If you need assistance signing in, please click the link that applies below:

2. I have not been receiving e-mail messages from AAJ. What can I do to fix this? One unfortunate side effect of Spam-protection filters is that they may block some AAJ member communications and benefits. We are taking steps to make sure our important member messages are not mislabeled as Spam. In addition to our efforts, we ask you to help keep the communication channel between you and AAJ open by taking steps to ensure that AAJ e-mail messages are delivered to your Inbox.

To do so, please forward the following list of AAJ e-mail domains to your IT department or e-mail service and ask that they be added to your e-mail "safelist" or "whitelist" (the list of e-mails addresses you have indicated are valid and not Spam). This will guarantee that you all of the communications from AAJ that you have elected to receive. Please add the following domains to your e-mail safelist/whitelist: ( (

3. How do I join AAJ list servers?For security reasons, the only way to subscribe to AAJ's list servers is to use the Web interface. There are two options: (a) join one list or (b) join multiple lists in a single operation.

(a) All available list servers are listed under List Servers. The List Servers are password protected; this means that, if you do not already have a username and password, you will first need to register.

(b) If you wish to join multiple lists, join some and drop others, or change your settings (mail, digest, index, nomail) in all of your lists, we suggest that you use this second option. Online registration for the list servers now includes a page that lists all forums you are qualified to join. Simply check the box next to the list(s) you are interested in. Boxes next to list servers you have already joined will already be checked. You can unsubscribe from lists you have subscribed to in the past by simply unchecking them. You may also change all of your list options by selecting or deselecting the "mail," "digest," "index," or "nomail" options on this page. If you enter a new e-mail address when you register, your old e-mail address will be updated throughout our Web site, including being replaced on all lists. If you've registered for before, you may either reuse your current username and password or change them.

For more information on List Servers, read FAQs on List Servers.

4. Can I locate other AAJ members on, the Member Directory has listings for all AAJ members who have given permission to publish their contact information.

5. How do I join a Section?To join a Section, please visit the Sections page.

6. My e-mail address and phone numbers have changed—how do I let you know?To update your e-mail address or any other personal information, please use the Member Update form.

7. How do I join a Litigation Group?
To join a Litigation Group, please visit the Litigation Group page. If you'd like more information about Litigation Groups or would like to join by phone, you can reach AAJ's Litigation Group Coordinator at 800.424.2725, ext. 8306.

8. How do I contact AAJ staff?To contact AAJ staff, please view the Contact Us page or call AAJ at 800.424.2725.

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