Secrecy in the Courts

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Secrecy in the Courts 

Shhh…Corporations Hide Behind Secrecy Agreements

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“Did AstraZeneca hide studies that showed its popular anti-psychotic drug Seroquel could lead to large weight gain and diabetes? Did the company illegally try to promote off-label use of the drug? Those are the contentions of attorneys suing the company who Wednesday released dozens of documents that had previously been under court seal.”
“Attorneys Allege AstraZeneca Hid Info from Patients”
ABC News, 05/22/09

"'Secrecy prevents the public from learning about dangerous products,' Blizzard said. 'We want to make sure the public knows how AstraZeneca has conducted itself with respect to Seroquel.'"
“Documents: AstraZeneca hid study results to sell Seroquel”
St. Petersburg Times, 05/21/09

Victims of dangerous products are often forced to sign court secrecy agreements in order to settle product liability cases.  Negligent corporations that produce dangerous and hazardous products use court secrecy agreements to avoid accountability and hide potential public safety issues.  Court secrecy agreements have hidden the dangers of prescription drugs, hazardous toys, deadly tires and collapsing baby cribs.  And these are only the dangers that have been made public.    

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