Products Liability Law Reporter

August/September 2014

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August 2014


  • August 12, 2014
  • September 9, 2014

Commercial Products & Equipment

  • Defective cable arcs, causing deadly manhole explosion
  • Defective engine fails, sparking fire that destroys vessel
  • Worker falls from lift lacking full-body harness, suffering multiple fractures

Consumer Products and Equipment

  • Court erred in sealing record, permitting manufacturer to use pseudonym

Industrial Products & Equipment

  • Worker loses legs in baler lacking interlock, other safety features
  • Boiler maker failed to warn of products’ asbestos hazards
  • Brake product maker failed to warn of known asbestos dangers

Medical Products & Equipment

  • Woman paralyzed by flu shot settles Vaccine Act claim


  • Jury finds tobacco defendants’ fraud led to longtime smoker’s COPD death
  • Tobacco companies’ fraud caused smoker’s COPD


  • Electrical engineer was qualified to testify on negligent design claim; circumstantial evidence was sufficient
  • Admission of airplane manufacturer's accident report as learned treatise was reversible error
  • Malfunctioning sunroof was safety hazard sufficient to support warranty claim
  • Defective steering knuckle on Hyundai fractures, causing fatal collision