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Case Spotlight

They Deserve Their Day in Court

Opponents of the Constitutional right to trial by jury often generalize about "frivolous" and "junk" lawsuits. They should tell these families directly why they think their lawsuits shouldn't have gone forward.

Faces of Medical Malpractice

Asbestos Victims Speak Out

Cases That Made Us Safer, Improved Lives

Thanks to America's civil justice system and citizen jurors, families and children are safer than ever. Companies no longer sell flammable pajamas that incinerate infants. Contraceptive devices that caused sterility have been recalled. And farm machinery that amputated limbs now have protective guards. Below are just some of the countless cases that have improved lives and made our families safer:

Public Pressure from Lawsuit Led to Safer Design of "Little People" Toys

Lawsuit Changed the Rights of Workers Across an Entire Industry

Military Families Win Justice in Washington State

Trial Lawyers Hold Environmental Polluters Accountable

Lawsuit Improves Protections for Workers in New Mexico

Trial Attorneys Win Cheaper Prescription Drugs for American Consumers

After Lawsuit, Tran Family Founded Sports Safety Organization

Danger of Faulty Surgical Ventilators Removed

Punitive Damages Force Recall of Dalkon Shield IUD

Tylenol Verdict Prompts Warning Label

Public Notified of Deadly Crib Defect

Lamp Explosions Lead to Warning

Ford Eliminates "Illusory Park" Defect After Verdicts

Tampons Causing Toxic Shock Syndrome Pulled From Market

Jury Award Spurs Domino's to Drop Deadly Policy

Football Helmets Now Protect Players

Jaw Implant Devices Taken Off the Market

Flammable Children's Pajamas Taken Off the Market

Asbestos Subject to Strict Regulation

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