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2005 Sharp Award Winners

California attorney Richard R. Ruggieri and his client, Brandon Maxfield, won the 2005 Sharp Award for their landmark case against “Saturday Night Special” gun manufacturer Bryco Arms.

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Keep Our Families Safe Campaign

Lawsuits Make A Difference

Thanks to America's civil justice system and citizen jurors, families and children are safer than ever and corporate executives know that they cannot endanger or cheat the public without being held accountable.

Lawsuit Changed the Rights of Workers Across an Industry

Suit Enforces Employment Rights of Soldier Called to Serve

Omaha Insurer Told It Can't Shortchange Breast Cancer Patients


AAJ's Keep Our Families Safe initiative is dedicated to highlighting the cases and stories that have made the lives of all our families safer and to protecting the civil justice system that has made these safety changes possible.

News columns by AAJ President Ken Suggs are a cornerstone of this program.

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