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Litigation Packet

Litigation Packet

Sexual Assault: Civil Remedies for Survivors

UpdatedNov 02, 2021
CreatedNov 02, 2021
Delivery method: Download

 The AAJ Exchange designed this innovative Sexual Assault Litigation Packet in order to provide a compendium of essential tools and strategies for plaintiff attorney members litigating cases on behalf of survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Created in conjunction with the AAJ Sexual Assault Litigation Group, this resource contains sample complaints, discovery requests and interrogatories, protective orders, and motions from exemplary cases litigated by AAJ members, as well as vital AAJ publications on trauma-informed intake and client preparation, case evaluation, and third-party liability issues, discovery, and common defense tactics. In particular, this Litigation Packet:

  • Provides an overview of the legal remedies available to hold perpetrators and third parties accountable for sexual assault available under state and federal law, including a comprehensive survey of state statutes of limitation for bringing sexual assault and child sex abuse actions.
  • Features case materials from a variety of cases litigated by AAJ plaintiff attorneys involving sexual assault, human trafficking, and child sex abuse.
  • Includes sample pleadings, discovery requests and interrogatories, protective orders, motions to proceed under pseudonym, and responses in opposition to defense motions to dismiss.
  • Contains AAJ Education speaker papers, Trial articles, and research reports addressing all aspects of developing and presenting your client’s sexual assault case, including
    • Crafting effective pleadings, motions, discovery requests;
    • Preparing clients and witnesses with compassion and trauma-informed techniques;
    • Overcoming common defense strategies, such as mandatory arbitration clauses, character attacks, and settlement obstructions; and
    • Pre-litigation issues, including the effects of social media, access to relevant police reports and medical records, and assessing potentially liable third parties.