Each year the Women Trial Lawyers Caucus presents awards and scholarships to women lawyers and women law students. The Marie Lambert Award is given in recognition of exemplary leadership to the profession, to her community, to AAJ, and to the Women Trial Lawyers Caucus.

The American Association for Justice proudly announces the 2014 Award Recipient: 

Marianne LeBlanc

Past Winners

2013: Kathleen Flynn Peterson
2012: Staci Yandle
2011: Ruth E. Bernstein
2010: Miriam Bourdette
2009: Rhonda Hill Wilson
2008: Julie Braman Kane
2007: Sandra Robinson
2006: Lee J. Rohn
2005: Joan M. MacDonald
2004: Mary Beth Ramey
2003: Linda Lipsen
2002: Mary Alice McLarty
2001: Linda Miller Atkinson
2000: Roxanne Barton Conlin
1999: Mary Alexander
1997: Diane Weaver