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You now have two opportunities each month to reach AAJ members via e-mail. 

AAJ members receive Trial News, a twice-monthly electronic newsletter under the respected Trial name, on alternating Thursdays. Trial News delivers exclusive online-only news stories and case summaries not appearing in the monthly print edition of Trial. 

One leaderboard and one rectangle spot are available for each edition of Trial News. A text-only ad is also created for AAJ members receiving text-only messages. It is free with the cost of an ad unit. 
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Leaderboard       728 x 90            35k                 $1,500.00     $1,250.00      $1,000.00         $850.00 
Rectangle           300x100            35k                   $900.00         $875.00        $800.00         $700.00 

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  • Ad formats: jpg, gif, animated gif (3 loops max) 
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2014 Calendar

Deadline        Delivery Date
Jan. 15, Wed.        Jan. 23, Thu.
Jan. 29, Wed.        Feb. 6, Thu.
Feb.12, Wed.        Feb. 20, Thu.
Feb.26, Wed.        Mar. 6, Thu.
Mar.12, Wed.        Mar. 20, Thu.
Mar.26, Wed.        Apr. 3, Thu.
Apr. 9,  Wed.        Apr. 17, Thu.
Apr.23, Wed.        May 1, Thu.
May 7,  Wed.        May 15, Thu.
May28, Wed.        Jun. 5, Thu.
Jun. 11, Wed.        Jun. 19, Thu.
Jun. 25, Wed.         Jul. 3, Thu.
Jul. 9, Wed.            Jul. 17, Thu.
Jul. 30, Wed.          Aug. 7, Thu.
Aug.13, Wed.         Aug. 21, Thu.
Aug.27, Wed.        Sep. 4, Thu.
Sep.10, Wed.        Sep. 18, Thu.
Sep.24, Wed.        Oct. 2, Thu.
Oct. 8, Wed.         Oct. 16, Thu.
Oct. 29, Wed.        Nov. 6, Thu.
Nov.12, Wed.        Nov. 20, Thu.
Nov. 25, Tue.        Dec. 4, Thu.
Dec.10, Wed.        Dec. 18, Thu.
Dec.31, Wed.        Jan. 8, Thu.


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