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Reach American Association for Justice Members in specific practice areas via AAJ’s Specialty Law Reporters

AAJ’s series of monthly online Law Reporter e-newsletters provides targeted, in-depth coverage for attorneys practicing in four specific litigation areas:

  • Products liability litigation
  • Professional negligence

Each month, the Law Reporter e-newsletters provide readers with current news, recent verdicts and settlements, and court decisions in their practice area.

Law Reporters are subscription-based, so you reach highly motivated readers with a specific interest in the content —and who need your related products and services to succeed for their clients.

You may reach this specialized audience by appearing in designated ad spaces in the e-mail newsletter delivered to subscribers or on the publication’s associated web page on 

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2014 Calendar

Products Liability Law Reporter

Deadline       Delivery Date         Deadline       Delivery Date
Jan. 2, Thu.           Jan. 14, Tue.             Jan. 30, Thu.       Feb. 11, Tue.
Feb. 27, Thu.       Mar. 11, Tue.             Mar. 27, Thu.       Apr. 8, Tue.
May 1, Thu.         May 13, Tue.             May 29, Thu.       Jun. 10, Tue.
Jun. 26, Thu.         Jul. 8, Tue.                Jul. 31, Thu.        Aug. 12, Tue.
Aug. 28, Thu.        Sep. 9, Tue.              Oct. 2, Thu.         Oct. 14, Tue.
Oct. 30, Thu.       Nov. 11, Tue.            Nov. 26, Wed.       Dec. 9, Tue.
Dec. 31, Wed.       Jan. 13, Tue.

Professional Negligence Law Reporter

Deadline       Delivery Date          Deadline      Delivery Date
Jan. 9, Thu.            Jan. 21, Tue.            Feb. 6, Thu.        Feb. 18, Tue.
Mar. 6, Thu.          Mar. 18, Tue.           Apr. 3, Thu.        Apr. 15, Tue.
May 8, Thu.           May 20, Tue.           Jun. 5, Thu.        Jun. 17, Tue.
Jul. 3, Thu.             Jul. 15, Tue.             Aug. 7, Thu.       Aug. 19, Tue.
Sep. 4, Thu.          Sep. 16, Tue.           Oct. 9, Thu.        Oct. 21, Tue.
Nov. 6, Thu.           Nov. 18, Tue.           Dec. 4, Thu.        Dec. 16, Tue.


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