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Printing Specifications

A. SWOP Standards apply.

B. Proofs: full-sized (100%) combined proof or print for identification must be supplied with digital files. SWOP standard proofs required on all 2, 3, and 4-color advertisements.

C. Crop marks are not to enter into live area or bleed. Do not use crop marks on any ads other than full-page bleeds.

D. If specifications and deadlines are not followed, the Publisher is not responsible for the production quality of the advertisement.

E. Mechanical changes can be made in-house and will be billed a minimum of $100. Charges for these changes are not subject to commission. A fee of $100/ad will be charged for digital ads that need adjustment, i.e., that don’t follow our digital specs.

F. Text-only ads can be created in-house and will be billed at $125 for display ads and $75 for Experts & Professional Services ads. These charges are not subject to commission.

Contact Information:
Questions, materials, and proofs should be addressed to:
Advertising Traffic Manager
Trial Magazine
1707 L Street, NW, 3rd floor
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-331-7700


Electronic File Info:

Trial is designed on a Mac system.
Acceptable media are as follows:

Mac/PC Formatted:

Media Labeling:
Include issue date, advertiser, phone number, and contact person.

Desktop File:
PDF is the preferred file format but we also accept the following applications: 
QuarkXPress 7 or earlier
Adobe PhotoShop CS4
Illustrator CS4
Adobe InDesign CS4

PDFs created with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later, and/or Acrobat Distiller 1.3 or later are acceptable. Do NOT use PDF Writer to create PDF files for submission, as well as earlier versions of Acrobat or Distiller. Do not use any transparency settings when creating the PDF. Do not use crop marks. All fonts must be imbedded. Do not subset fonts. For color ads, all colors and color images must be CMYK. All other file specifications specified herein must be followed.

Desktop Elements:
Images: Uncompressed TIFF, EPS. Line art should be a minimum of 900 dpi, 1200 preferred, and continuous tone color and b&w images must be 300 dpi. Color images must be in CMYK format. No RGB, JPG, or GIF. No spot colors. Fonts: Postscript printer and screen fonts for Macintosh. No PC, Windows, or True Type fonts unless imbedded in a PDF. No Multiple Master fonts. Also see below under “other instructions.”

Submitting Materials:
You may use an FTP client or a web browser for file transfers. If you need an FTP client, try Fetch ( or Transmit ( on the Mac or WS_FTP ( on a PC. Files to be uploaded should either be compressed (Stuffit/Zip) or include an appropriate file extension (.qxd, .doc,.tif, etc.). Important: File names MUST not contain a slash (/).

To login from an FTP client:
username: trial_ads
password: ads4trial
Directory: leave blank

To login from a web browser:
Click on Secure Login:
username: trial_ads
password: ads4trial

Supply SWOP-matching hard copy proofs, at 100% size, made from actual supplied digital file. Trial cannot be responsible for print quality or color accuracy of any ad submitted without appropriate proof.

Other Instructions:
Full page image area should be trim size plus 1/8” bleed. There is a safety area of 1/4” inside trim, where no critical ad elements should intrude. All elements must be placed at 100% size. Do not rotate, crop, or distort images in layout program; make these changes in the image program before importing into the layout  program. Include all fonts, images/scans, and logos/ artwork. Do not nest EPS files in other EPS. 


Sales Office: 800-424-2725 or 202-965-3500 •