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Trial accepts polybag, bind-in, and glue-in inserts. Up to four bind-in and two glue-in inserts are allowed per issue. Proposed copy, layout, and stock for any insert must be submitted to the Publisher by the space-closing deadline.

Bind-in and Glue-in Insert
A. May be printed on one or both sides.
B. Glued inserts may be folded to a maximum size of 75⁄8" x 103⁄8"or minimum size of 4" x 5".
Insert cards must be printed on at least 7 pt. card stock. Call for specifications.

Polybag Insert
A. Require minimum 25% editorial content as specified by the Domestic Mail Manual of the U.S.
Postal Service. One insert per month may polybag without the editorial requirement.

B. Must be trimmed or folded to a maximum of 81⁄8" by 107⁄8" and minimum of 57⁄8" by 47⁄8".

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