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AAJ 2018 Annual Convention Award Videos

Every year, at the AAJ Annual Convention, AAJ presents awards to members and allies who have made exceptional contributions to the association, to the trial lawyer community, and to civil justice.

Below are videos of a few of the deserving 2018 honorees. 


The Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award was presented to USA Olympic and NCAA athletes Jeanette Antolin, Jamie Dantzscher, Mattie Larson, Kaylee Lorincz, Sterling Riethman, and Jordyn Wieber, and AAJ Member John Manly. This award recognizes plaintiffs and their attorneys whose cases help tell the story of the American civil justice system.

Sterling Riethman is a gymnast, former NCAA diver, and advocate who courageously spoke out against abuse by former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar and demanded accountability for the people and systems that enabled it.


Jordyn Wieber is a 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2011 World Champion, member of the “Fierce Five,” and assistant coach of the UCLA Women’s Gymnastics team. She has become one of the leading voices and faces calling for justice in the Larry Nassar trial.


Irvine, California, attorney John Manly is a fierce advocate for victims of sexual abuse. He represented the gymnasts listed above and more than 100 others who courageously stood up to hold their abuser publicly accountable in court.

*If you are interested in learning more about this case, John Manly recently led a webinar for AAJ members on Patient Sexual Abuse: Lessons Learned from the U.S.A. Gymnastics Case. Click here to view the webinar.


Boston lawyer Anthony Tarricone received the Leonard M. Ring Champion of Justice Award in 2018. The award is voted upon by the AAJ Stalwarts Committee to honor an AAJ member of at least 10 years standing who is of outstanding integrity and overall character and who has demonstrated Leonard Ring's devotion to human and civil rights. Tarricone is both a Past President of AAJ and an outspoken advocate for individuals who have been harmed by the wrongful conduct of corporate and government interests.


John Sadwith, former executive director of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, received the AAJ Partnership Award. This award recognizes individuals from state, local, or jurisdictional trial lawyer organizations who have promoted and fostered a spirit of support and cooperation between AAJ and the affiliated organization and whose service to the affiliated organization has strengthened the civil justice system.


Indianapolis lawyer and AAJ Past President Richard D. Hailey received the AAJ Lifetime Achievement Award. During his distinguished law career—and more than 40 years of AAJ membership—Hailey’s courtroom advocacy has significantly advanced the rights of the wrongfully injured, and his substantial service to AAJ and the trial bar has furthered the cause for justice and the mission of the association.


New Orleans lawyer Stephen Herman received the Harry Philo Award for his outstanding contribution to the civil justice system. Herman’s wide-reaching work as civil litigator has advanced the safety and protection of American consumers.