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About Us

AAJ Staff

AAJ's Executive Team

Linda Lipsen in a red shirt and black blazer.

Linda Lipsen

Chief Executive Officer
202.965.3500 ext. 8305

Anne Doohan, COO

Anne Doohan

Chief Operating Officer
202.965.3500 ext. 2837

Anji Jesseramsing, General Counsel

Anjali Jesseramsing

​General Counsel
202.965.3500 ext. 2822

Tom Fischetti

Thomas D. Fischetti

Chief Financial Officer
202.965.3500 ext. 2893

Meredith Burns

Meredith Burns

Chief Development Officer
202.965.3500 ext. 2816

Colleen Phalen

Colleen Phalen

Chief Creative Officer
202.965.3500 ext. 2867

Staff Members and Department Contact Information


communications@justice.org | 202.684.9588 

Peter Knudsen
Carly Moore Sfregola


Legal Affairs
legalaffairs@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8611

Amy Brogioli
Anji Jesseramsing
Susan Steinman
Jeffrey White


Public Affairs
membership@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8611 

Paula Burris
Victor Diaz
Julia Duncan
Mary Graffam
Kevin Hagan Jr.
Bonnie Johnston
Linda Lipsen
Charlotte McBirney
David Ratcliff
Sarah Rooney
Susan Steinman
Christine Zinner


State Affairs
state.affairs@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8611

Paige Cornfield
Mary Graffam
Daniel Hinkle
Spencer Myers

Conventions and Sales

Business Development
business_development@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 9535

Shanise Cole
Leah Mackie
Catherine Rodman


Meetings & Conventions
convention@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8613

Jacqueline Barnes
Urania Brown
Aliyah Hyman
Colleen Phalen


aajpac@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 9591

Amelia Benedicto
Heather Tureen Gorzka
Brittany Wakefield

Political Outreach
outreach@justice.org | 202-684-9592

Tara Pinto

Evergreen Fund & AAJ Foundation
evergreen.fund@justice.org | 202-684-9592

Tara Pinto
Katherine Powers

Membership Services

Leaders Forum
leaders.forum@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8382

Caroline Andrews
Meredith Burns
Emily Crabtree


membership@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8611

Jennifer Adcock
Amelia Baer
Tricia Cooley
Tara Lee
Anastasia Merrill
Jennifer Rafter
Kathryn Schwacha
Darren Smith
Durete Thompson

Products and Services

education@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8612

Jennifer Adams
Michaela Brennan
Cecilia Ferrara
Marcellus Howard
Carson Jones
Hugo Solano
Ashleigh Soya
Nick Weinstein

exchange@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8615

Catherine Barrett Gima
Will Holstrom
Kaiya Lyons
Devyn Sharp


trial@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8216

Jennifer Adams
Barker Fowler
Kate Halloran
Alyssa Lambert
Maureen Leddy
Christina Lorin
Christine Mollenauer


Sections and Litigation Groups
sections@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8700

Haley Bankson
David Ciesla
Kaiya Lyons


membership@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8611

Nathalie Babou
Jasmine Casteel
Thomas Fischetti
Michelle Henderson
Kierra Porter
Dinnah Ramirez
Scott Sherman
Jie (Jessie) Zhou


Human Resources and Office Services
membership@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8611

Karen Davis
Tsegaye Fesseha
Angela Lawrence
Karen Marshall
Devyn Sharpe


Information Technology
membership@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8611

Bruce An
Kimberley Black
Catherine Barrett Gima
Samuel Himes
Natan Mekuria
Kesha Robinson


membership@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8611

Gavin Becker
Laura Green
Kristin Loiacono
Douglas Ortiz
Siah Prince
Colleen Phalen
Colleen Rosso
Tony Viardo


Office of the CEO
membership@justice.org | 202.965.3500 ext. 8611

Anne Doohan
Anji Jesseramsing
Linda Lipsen
Debora Williams