Endowment Engagement

AAJ Robert L. Habush Endowment

The Endowment supports judicial and academic education programs, innovative scholarship and research, and public education to enhance understanding and dialogue on civil justice and the right to trial by jury.

The Endowment Board meets quarterly to provide grants in support of civil justice to the Roscoe Pound Judges Forum, judicial and academic education programs and symposiums, academic scholarship, and public education.

projects that protect and preserve civil justice

Pound Judges Forum

Research Supported by the Endowment

The Endowment supports the Roscoe Pound Judges Forum where new academic scholarship is presented to state appellate judges, promoting innovative judicial education.

Think Tank Support

Climate Justice: State Courts and the Fight for Equity

Endowment support for academic scholars working in a virtual think tank provides both academic research and public education to new civil justice areas like climate justice.

Academic Research Support

Law Review Article: Granting Access to Justice for Service Members

The Endowment supports research grants to academic scholars whose research interests, such as expanding the legal rights of servicemembers, align with AAJ’s advocacy efforts.

AAJ Robert L. Habush Endowment

The AAJ Endowment serves as a grant-making foundation, carefully and strategically providing grants to AAJ, its associated foundations, law schools, academics, and think tanks to preserve and protect the civil justice system.

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