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Endowment Engagement

AAJ Robert L. Habush Endowment

The Endowment supports judicial and academic education programs, innovative scholarship and research, and public education to enhance understanding and dialogue on civil justice and the right to trial by jury.

The Endowment Board meets quarterly to provide grants in support of civil justice to the National Civil Justice Institute, judicial and academic education programs and symposiums, academic scholarship, and public education.

projects that protect and preserve civil justice

NCJI Judges Forum

Research Supported by the Endowment

The Endowment supports the National Civil Justice Institute Judges Forum where new academic scholarship is presented to state appellate judges, promoting innovative judicial education.

Think Tank Support

Climate Justice: State Courts and the Fight for Equity

Endowment support for academic scholars working in a virtual think tank provides both academic research and public education to new civil justice areas like climate justice.

Academic Research Support

Law Review Article: Granting Access to Justice for Service Members

The Endowment supports research grants to academic scholars whose research interests, such as expanding the legal rights of servicemembers, align with AAJ’s advocacy efforts.

Symposiums and programs Supported by the Endowment

Legal Tech and the Future of Civil Justice

Hosted by Stanford Law School, this webinar series features four 90 minutes discussions, with panelists drawing from a variety backgrounds. Topics include Legal Tech and Access to Justice and Access to Data as Access to Justice. Learn more here.

Police Misconduct and Qualified Immunity: Reimagining ‘We The People’

Hosted by Thurgood Marshall School of Law, this day-long virtual conference focused on the disproportionate use of force by police against black people, remedies for people injured by police violence and what can be done to make them better, and how the Constitution must be reimagine to protect everyone. Learn more here.

COVID-19 and the Courts, hosted by the RAND Corporation

On October 1, 2020, the RAND Institute for Civil Justice (ICJ) and the Berkeley Law Civil Justice Research Initiative (CJRI ) have assembled a distinguished group of attorneys, judges, and scholars to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the court system.  Panelists included Erwin Chemerinsky (Dean and Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley School of Law), Paula Hannaford-Agor (Director of the Center for Juries Studies, National Center for State Courts), and Bridget Mary McCormack (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Michigan) to explore the rapidly changing legal environment. Access the recording here.

Civil Justice Research Initiative (CJRI) Webinar Series

CJRI is hosting an ongoing 30-minute webinar series on civil legal issues during covid-19. Past topics have included:

  • Attacks on the judiciary
  • Translation of qualitative assessments into quantitative judgments
  • Effects of ideology, race and gender on the voting behavior of judges when members of three-judge panels
  • Obligation of employers to provide safe work environments for essential workers
  • Impact of the pandemic on inequality

View upcoming and past programs here.

Endowment grants
Support for Academic Research

The Endowment supports research grants to academic scholars whose research interests align with AAJ’s advocacy efforts. The topics which the endowment have supported span practice areas and include expanding the legal rights of service members, tax treatment of jury awards, implicit bias, and more.

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Robert L. Habush

Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. Milwaukee, WI
Past President Leonard Ring Champion of Justice

Wisconsin trial lawyer Robert L. Habush, Chairman of the Board of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C., committed his career to standing up for individuals and holding even the largest corporations responsible for the injuries and deaths caused by dangerous, defective products. A champion for civil justice, Bob led the effort to establish and grow AAJ’s endowment, ensuring a future for research, education, and scholarship on civil justice issues and the protection of fundamental rights.

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AAJ Robert L. Habush Endowment

The AAJ Endowment serves as a grant-making foundation, carefully and strategically providing grants to AAJ, its associated foundations, law schools, academics, and think tanks to preserve and protect the civil justice system.

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