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Legal Affairs

Request an AAJ Amicus Curiae Brief

Would an AAJ amicus curiae brief be helpful in your case? Please submit your case by filling out the form below.

Amicus Curiae Brief Criteria

AAJ participates as amicus curiae in cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Federal Courts of Appeals, and state supreme courts. AAJ may appear as amicus curiae in a lower court or at a stage other than merits (e.g., petition for certiorari; petition for rehearing) if good cause is shown.

AAJ's participation is limited to cases that present a question of significant interest to the trial bar at large and address an issue of nationwide scope or potential impact on a substantial number of jurisdictions. AAJ does not participate in a case as amicus curiae if the appellate dispute is largely factual in nature.

I'd like to request AAJ's participation in my client's case.

To request AAJ's participation as an amicus curiae, please click on the button below or email legal.affairs@justice.org. AAJ staff and members will review request to determine which cases AAJ will be able to participate and will contact you directly with any questions. 

Information to include in your request:

  • Title of the case and court in which it is pending
  • Explanation of why the case is important to AAJ members
  • Statement identifying issues of national importance or potential impact on a substantial number of jurisdictions
  • Copy of the underlying opinion and any relevant briefing
  • Briefing schedule or explanation of the projected due dates
  • Names of any other groups that you anticipate will participate as amicus curiae
  • Whether you are an AAJ member or interested in joining AAJ