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Corporate Immunity

Corporations are demanding sweeping immunity when they expose their workers or customers to COVID-19—allowing them to evade responsibility when they fail to protect our health and safety.



ICYMI: coverage of the dangers to consumer posed by blanket Corporate immunity 

AAJ Officers Speak Out on the Dangers of Blanket Immunity

Nursing Homes Failed. Congress Shouldn’t Try to Shield Them

AAJ's President Tobias L. Millrood shared why the fight against blanket immunity is personal to him with the New York Times readers on May 20. Read the article. 


Amid Coronavirus, Blanket Legal Immunity Will Prolong Pandemic

On May 18, AAJ's President Bruce Stern highlighted the dangers business immunity poses to workers and consumers in the USA Today. Read the article.


Capitol Hill Update

The Senate Judiciary Committee held the “Examining Liability During the COVID-19 Pandemic” hearing on May 12. Instead of focusing on how to best support unemployed Americans, small businesses, and the medical response to the pandemic, some lawmakers are using the COVID-19 pandemic to push blanket immunity policy and their long-standing tort-reform agenda. AAJ is working to protect workers, consumers, and the public and make sure that blanket immunity does not become the law of the land. Read the Testimony.

Read AAJ's statement following the Senate Judiciary Committee's “Examining Liability During the COVID-19 Pandemic” hearing here.