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Advanced Case Framing

Mark Mandell

Mark Mandell’s Case FramingTM, released in 2015, quickly earned widespread acclaim as a classic and essential book for trial attorneys. Now, in Advanced Case FramingTM, Mark refines his Case Framing model and offers new ideas on Case Frames, I-Just-Can’t-Get-Over Issues, and Echoes.  Providing real examples and a case study to reinforce the principles of the model, Mark shows readers in a step-by-step format how to focus jurors’ attention on the true issues. Advanced Case Framing is a tool that all plaintiff lawyers should use to prepare and try a case from beginning to end so they can achieve better results for their clients.

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Praise for Advanced Case Framing:

“This book is not just a sequel to Mark’s innovative and brilliant first book, Case Framing. It’s a lot more than that. Mark takes his Case Framing concept to a whole new level of persuasion with careful explanations and copious examples, including a case study of what has to be one of the most difficult personal injury trials ever won by anyone, anywhere.”
--Patrick Malone, author of The Fearless Cross-Examiner and coauthor of Rules of the Road
Advanced Case Framing is the culmination of a lifetime of brilliant work in the courtroom by master trial lawyer, Mark Mandell.  He has honed the art of the trial and provided a wonderful guide to be used over and over by lawyers at every stage of the case.  Trial lawyers will be well-served to adapt anew Mark’s Case Framing principles provided in this book as they approach every case.”  
--Judith A. Livingston, member of the Inner Circle of Advocates and Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers
“Mark Mandell has once again written a trial lawyers manual for winning cases. His clear and understandable strategies with examples make the book particularly useful. It is a manual on how to correctly present a case with an emphasis on framing. Every trial lawyer should study this book.”
--Paul Luvera, member emeritus of the Inner Circle of Advocates and listed in Best Lawyers in America

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Table of Contents

Part I: The Case Framing Model   

Chapter 1—About Case Framing

Chapter 2—Case Framing—An Integrated Approach

Chapter 3—Case Frames

Chapter 4—I-Just-Can’t-Get-Over Issues

Chapter 5—Echoes

Chapter 6—Echoes II

Chapter 7—How to Reframe and Overcome the Defense Proof

Chapter 8—Case Framing and Voir Dire

Part II: Brown v. Ocean State Casino

Chapter 9—The Facts of the Case

Part III: Brown v. Ocean State Casino—Obstacles to Overcome

Chapter 10—Bad I-Just-Can’t-Get-Over Issues and the Defense Narrative

Part IV: Brown v. Ocean State Casino—Presenting Our Case Proof

Chapter 11—Good I-Just-Can’t-Get-Over Issues

Chapter 12—Case Frames

Chapter 13—The Plaintiffs’ Case Narrative

Chapter 14— Creating Echoes

Part V: Brown v. Ocean State Casino—Overcoming and Reframing the Defense Proof

Chapter 15—Focus Groups

Chapter 16—Motions in Limine

Chapter 17—Other Pretrial Motions

Chapter 18—Waiving Claims

Chapter 19—Voir Dire

Chapter 20—Motions During Trial

Chapter 21—Objections During Trial

Chapter 22—Inoculations

Chapter 23—Cross-Examination

Chapter 24—Judicial Notice and Jury Instructions

Chapter 25—Jury Empowerment and Education

Chapter 26—What Was Left of the Defense at the End of Closing  Arguments?

Part VI: Brown v. Ocean State Casino—The Result

Chapter 27—Settlement Negotiations During Trial

Chapter 28—The Verdict

Part VII: On Being a Trial Lawyer

Chapter 29—On Being a Trial Lawyer


About the Author

Mark Mandell is a senior partner in the Providence, Rhode Island, law firm of Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell.  He is a past president of the American Association for Justice, the Roscoe Pound Institute of Civil Justice, the Rhode Island Bar Association, and the Rhode Island Trial Lawyers Association, and a past cochair of the National College of Advocacy Board of Trustees.  Mark is a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates and is triple board-certified as a trial lawyer.