LGBT Caucus

All members who identify as a member of the LGBT community, or as an ally, can join the LGBT Caucus, a networking group that focuses on membership, fundraising, education, and public service.

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LGBT Caucus: Expanding Its Impact, Growing Its Membership

While the LGBT Caucus is AAJ's newest caucus, it has grown quickly.  To help members keep connected, the caucus hosts virtual monthly happy hours and meets in person at AAJ's conventions.
Interested in joining? All  AAJ members who identify as a member of the LGBT community, or as an ally, are welcome.

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Andre Mura, Gibbs Law Group photo

Andre M. Mura

Gibbs Law Group LLP Oakland, CA
Chair, LGBT Caucus Leaders Forum Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Academy Graduate

Andre represents plaintiffs in class action and complex litigation concerning consumers’ and workers’ rights, products liability, drug and medical devices, federal jurisdiction, and constitutional law. Andre serves on the Board of the Civil Justice Research Initiative of Berkeley Law and UC Irvine School of Law, and is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, a member of Public Justice’s Class Action Preservation Project, and Ex-Officio Trustee of the Pound Civil Justice Institute.

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Update your profile to self-identify as LGBT or an ally, join the list server, and join our closed Facebook group to keep up-to-date with caucus events and activities. Contact AAJ Membership to get started. Contact Us