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All voting members who self-identify as a minority can join the AAJ Minority Caucus, a networking group that focuses on membership, fundraising, education, and public service.

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AAJ's Minority Caucus has more than a thousand active and engaged members.  The caucus hosts virtual and in-person events throughout the year, including community service projects and social events at convention, and supports AAJ through membership and fundraising drives.

Statement from the Caucus

AAJ’s Minority Caucus Executive Board released a statement in response to racial injustice and police brutality. Read the Statement

Rachel Gusman

Rachel E. Gusman

Graves McLain PLLC Tulsa, OK
Chair, Minority Caucus PAC M Club Leaders Forum

Rachel, a junior partner with Graves McLain, practices in the areas of medical negligence, motor vehicle accidents, personal injuries, vaccine injuries, and civil rights litigation. A graduate of AAJ’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Academy, Rachel is also active with the WTLC and LGBT Caucus as well as the Tulsa County Bar and Oklahoma Bar Associations.

Minority caucus members are engaged and active

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Minority Caucus Roundtables

Roundtable a case with your colleagues to gain insight and expertise.

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Committees exist to enhance your membership and your practice, focusing on membership, fundraising, education, and public service.

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List Server

This active list server is an excellent resource for questions on experts, cases, and the law. It is also a source for potential referrals.

How do I join the Caucus?

The Minority Caucus is open to all AAJ members who have self-identified as a minority.  If you are interested in joining the caucus, please contact AAJ membership to update you member profile.    Contact AAJ Membership