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Litigation Groups

Electronic Discovery

The Group will serve educational and support roles for practitioners, and as a clearinghouse for ideas and information.

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Electronic Discovery

More and more of the relevant, discoverable materials are maintained as electronic files which create unique challenges in the discovery process. Defendants routinely use this as a weapon to frustrate discovery in complex cases. Furthermore, the defendants are waging war in this area with incessant attempts to make plaintiffs bear the costs of electronic discovery. As a result, even the Federal Rules Committee is finally attempting to address the unique and specific challenges presented to the courts and practitioners in the area of electronic discovery.

The goal of the Electronic Discovery Litigation Group is to act as a forum for the discussion of issues relating to electronic discovery and to create a document library of motions, orders, transcripts, and e-discovery protocols for use by its members. While the reach of the Electronic Discovery Litigation Group may be broad, its scope is narrowed to the mechanics of obtaining and managing electronic discovery.

Formed in July 2004.

The Group will serve educational and support roles for practitioners, and as a clearinghouse for ideas and information. The Group will provide a database of motions, transcripts, orders, and protocols in an easily accessed location; thus, a document library is being planned. Seminars and discussions conducted electronically are also being planned. A list server is being planned for the future.

  • Meetings: AAJ Annual and Winter Convention.
  • Membership: Open to Regular, Sustaining, Life, Leaders Forum, and President's Club members.
  • Dues: $100 per attorney


Jennifer Hoekstra | Aylstock Witkin Kreis & Overholtz, PLLC, Pensacola, FL

Chad Roberts | eDiscovery CoCounsel, PLLC, Jacksonville, FL

Jeannine Kenney | Hausfeld LLP, Philadelphia, PA

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