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Litigation Groups


Provide a forum to exchange information and ideas relevant to litigation involving Taser injuries and deaths to the public and police officers. Hopefully Taser will recognize the injuries and provide a safer product and or better training so people are not injured and killed by the use of the product.

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he primary focus of this Litigation Group is the compensation to people abused, killed, or injured by the use of tasers on them or family members.

Taser sells, markets, and distributes the M-26 and X-26 Taser. Taser originally marketed them and trained police officers, military personnel, and the public that the Taser would and could not injure people. The Tasers have been associated with hundreds of deaths and many painful applications. Taser continually changes their training and marketing of its product through bulletins and edited manuals. Taser fights any form of regulation of its product, minimum standards, and consistent policies and procedures for its application and use. The public and buyers have been left exposed to the product’s continual development and human testing in the marketplace.

Taser has vowed to never settle any injury claim associated with its product and approached litigation with a scorched-earth policy. One of its former employees has testified to the shredding of many documents proving injuries to officers shocked with Tasers in strictly monitored situations. Taser has settled with police officers injured by their product. Taser strictly regulates the dissemination of any evidence of these settlements and facts surrounding the injuries.

Taser product and negligent litigation often overlaps with excessive use of force claims against police officers who have been trained by Taser that Tasers cannot injure people.

The Group has a list server and a document library where members can share information, documents, and pertinent information.


At the AAJ Annual and Winter Conventions and others as are practical.


Open to AAJ Regular, Life, Sustaining, Leaders Forum, and President’s Club members only


$200/attorney for two years

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