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Burn Injury Cases

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Packet Name: Burn Injury Cases

Updated Date: 4/22/2019 | Created Date: 1/28/2004 | Number of Pages: 1471
Summary of Packet:
  • Management of the issues unique to burn injury cases and how to effectively document and present the full extent of burn injuries and associated damages, including real case examples
  • Introduction to the biology and medical treatment of burn injuries
  • Sample court documents including complaints, interrogatories, requests for production, settlement and pre-trial memorandums, proposed voir dire and jury instructions, and oppositions to defense motions for bifurcation and exclusion of photographic evidence
  • Reports by experts in safety, design, property management, transportation, human factors, and more
  • AAJ Education speaker papers and Trial articles highlighting the use of demonstrative evidence, developing non-economic damages, and deposing the defense medical examiner
  • Burn treatment guideline summary, and glossary of medical terms
  • A survey of recent verdicts and settlements
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