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Explosion Cases

Litigation Packet: Document Details

Packet Name: Explosion Cases

Updated Date: 6/1/2017 | Created Date: 1/11/2012 | Number of Pages: 4309
Summary of Packet:
  • Comprehensive resource for plaintiff attorneys handling explosion cases
  • Profiles two multi-million dollar verdict cases involving a heater explosion at a natural gas processing plant and a boiler explosion at a condominium complex
  • Reports by experts in engineering, safety, human factors, design and operations, neuropsychiatry, life care planning, and more
  • Depositions of engineers, engineering consultants, plant employees, petroleum and safety consultant, psychiatrist, and a surgeon from a burn unit
  • Numerous court documents include complaints, answers, interrogatories and requests for production, designation of expert witnesses, verdict forms, opposition to defendant’s motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict, and opposition to defendant’s motion for new trial
  • Transcripts of opening statements and closing arguments
  • Additional resources include outlines for deposing defense experts in engineering, presenting burn injuries and non-economic damages to the jury, using demonstrative evidence, Internet Web sites, and a survey of recent verdicts and settlements 

[Deposition summary accompanies each deposition transcript]

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