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Failure to Conduct a Proper Differential Diagnosis

Litigation Packet: Document Details

Packet Name: Failure to Conduct a Proper Differential Diagnosis

Updated Date: 12/20/2016 | Created Date: 6/9/2004 | Number of Pages: 3365
Summary of Packet:
  • Tips and strategies from AAJ members who have successfully pursued differential diagnosis cases
  • Court documents, opening statements and closing arguments, and trial testimony and depositions of defendants and experts from differential diagnosis cases, including from the country’s top jury verdict in 2007 for failure to conduct a proper differential diagnosis regarding a brain abscess
  • AAJ Education speaker papers providing an overview of differential diagnosis in medical negligence cases, including how a physician must formulate a differential diagnosis, prioritization of differential diagnoses, eliminating diagnostic candidates, common sources of error in formulating a differential diagnosis, and using differential diagnosis to prove causation
  • Abbreviated survey of journal articles on differential diagnosis
  • [Deposition summary accompanies each deposition transcript]

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